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Dave's Workshop is the fourth location in Plants vs. Zombies 3. Four new zombies can be found here. To upgrade Dave's Workshop, you need Dave's Workshop Blueprints.


Gives a chance to Taco-Charge a plant when you play it, so your next plant of that type gets a free Taco!

Special Feature

Dave's Workshop's special feature is that whenever you play a plant, it gives you a chance to Taco-Charge the next plant of that type so that when you play it it will immediately have its Tacobility active.


Dave's Workshop is more likely to give these seeds. TIP. Increase these rewards by climbing the Devour Tower!

After winning a Breakout Battle the player usually gains seeds. In Dave's Workshop, you are most likely to get the following seeds:


Occasionally during a Breakout Battle a message will appear on the screen signalling a trick. Unlike other locations, Dave's Workshop does not actually have a trick.

Associated Zombies

The zombies that are associated with Dave's Workshop are as follows:


Dave's Workshop features two Backbiter zombies, so it is heavily recommended that you bring plants that can deal with them, like Bonk Choy and Starfruit. The former may work better, however, due to Starfruit having the Electric damage type, which is weak against the Miner Threat's Earthy damage type.



  • This is the first location in Plants vs. Zombies 3 that features 3 plants instead of the usual 4.
    • This is also the second location not to have a Trick, the first being Your House.
  • Its codename, "WernerStreet" is a reference to Rich Werner, the artist for Plants vs. Zombies.
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