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For the mini-game in the original Plants vs. Zombies, see Dark Stormy Night.

A light screenshot of Lost City - Day 9


Dark screenshot of Lost City - Day 9

Dark Stormy Night is a Brain Buster of Lost City in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. The gimmick of this Brain Buster is that the lawn is only visible for brief periods of time, mostly remaining dark. It differs, however, from original game in that the Brain Buster also includes Locked and Loaded, as the plants are all pre-chosen. It is only featured in Day 9.


  • Despite taking place during the day, the screen still goes dark and sun still falls from the sky in this Brain Buster.
  • It is the second level to be based off of a Limbo Page mini-game, the other being Unsodded.
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