User Dave, the vapours are no longer considered a real ailment. But I believe Fume-shroom will be of use here. His vapors are quite real and provide a distinct advantage against the right zombie opponents.


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Dark Ages - Night 5 is the fifth level of Dark Ages. A new zombie called the Jester Zombie as well as Fume-shroom are introduced here.


  • Jester Zombies will be highly troublesome for everyone who does not know it before starting.
  • Take advantage of Fume-shroom. As Penny said, it is very helpful in this level and later levels.


  • Suggested plants
  • Start off with two columns of Sun-shrooms. Use Grave Busters to remove graves and Puff-shrooms to kill the typical zombies. Get ready for an ambush.
  • Quickly plant one column of Wall-nuts or Tall-nuts. Do not forget to plant one column of Laser Beans or Snapdragons behind Wall-nut or Tall-nut and two columns of Fume-shrooms. Necromancy-spawned Imp Monk Zombies will be of no threat.
  • When a Jester Zombie comes, avoid using plants that throw projectiles, unless they can hit Jester Zombies by whatever means.
  • Use Cherry Bomb when necessary and keep using Grave Buster to remove spawned graves.


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