For the Chinese version of the level, see Dark Ages - Night 19 (Chinese version).
For the Chinese version of this level before the v1.8 update, see Dark Ages - Night 19 (Chinese version: pre-1.8).

Dark Ages - Night 19 is the nineteenth level of Dark Ages in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is a Save Our Seeds level. To complete this level, the player must protect three Magnet-shrooms. When this level is finished for the first time, the player unlocks the boss battle of Dark Ages.


The endangered plants' positions are similar to Day 15 of Ancient Egypt. However, this level is more difficult than the aforementioned level because the zombies are tougher. For example, there are Knight Zombies and Zombie Kings in it. Puff-shroom does not really work in this situation, as the zombies spawn close to it, and there are tombstones scattered near the Magnet-shrooms, and so Chili Bean is a more optimal choice. Jester Zombies are typically present, so area of effect plants like Snapdragon are the best offensive plant to use. Most defensive plants will come in handy in this level, primarily Tall-nut. Primal Wall-nut is a better choice, as he can barricade the Magnet-shrooms, so bring him if you have him. Wizard Zombies can benefit the player in it, as it can transform the Magnet-shrooms into sheep, which makes the Magnet-shrooms are invincible until the Wizard Zombie that transformed it is defeated. Zombie King is probably the most dangerous in this level, as it can supply Peasant Zombies with Knight Helms, which can easily overwhelm the three provided Magnet-shrooms. Planting more Magnet-shrooms can help with the Knight Zombies, but it is recommended to defeat the Zombie Kings, as well. You should also be aware of the necromancy ambushes.


The small number next to the zombie icon means that zombie will always appear in that lane, with 1 being the topmost lane and 5 being the bottommost one.
Waves Non-dynamic zombies Ambush zombies Note(s)
1 Peasant Zombie2 None
2 Peasant Zombie2 Peasant Zombie2 None 100% Plant Food
3 Knight Zombie21 Knight Zombie23 Knight Zombie25 None
4 Peasant Zombie2 Conehead Peasant2 None 100% Plant Food
5 Peasant Zombie2 Conehead Peasant2 None
6 Peasant Zombie2 Peasant Zombie2 Peasant Zombie2 Wizard Zombie2 None
7 Conehead Peasant2 Zombie King23 None
8 Peasant Zombie2 Conehead Peasant22 Conehead Peasant24 None 500%/7 Plant Food
9 Buckethead Peasant21 Buckethead Peasant25 Knight Zombie23 Peasant Flag Zombie2 None First flag; two normal and four sun-on-destruction tombstones are spawned
10 Peasant Zombie2 Imp Monk Zombie2 Imp Monk Zombie2 Imp Monk Zombie2 Imp Monk Zombie2 Imp Monk Zombie2 Necromancy!; 100% Plant Food
11 Jester Zombie2 Jester Zombie2 Jester Zombie2 None
12 Conehead Peasant21 Conehead Peasant25 Buckethead Peasant2 Buckethead Peasant2 None
13 Peasant Zombie2 Peasant Zombie2 Peasant Zombie2 Peasant Zombie2 Zombie King22 Zombie King24 None 400%/7 Plant Food
14 Buckethead Peasant21 Buckethead Peasant23 Buckethead Peasant25 None
15 Peasant Zombie2 Peasant Zombie2 Wizard Zombie2 Wizard Zombie2 Wizard Zombie2 None 100% Plant Food
16 Conehead Peasant22 Conehead Peasant24 Knight Zombie21 Knight Zombie25 None
17 Conehead Peasant2 Conehead Peasant2 Buckethead Peasant2 Jester Zombie2 Jester Zombie2 None 600%/7 Plant Food
18 Peasant Flag Zombie2 Dark Ages Gargantuar22 Dark Ages Gargantuar24 None Final flag


Strategy 1

  • Required plants:
  • Start by planting two columns of Sun-shrooms. Plant Puff-shrooms to protect the Magnet-shrooms and destroy the graves.
    • Sometimes, the player will lose at the very first stage because the zombie may be going to eat the endangered plants. You can restart the level to prevent that.
  • Try to plant one Tall-nut in front of one of the three Magnet-shrooms that is going to be eaten.
  • Plant one more column of Sun-shrooms if you are not fast enough. Plant one column of Fume-shrooms on the fifth column first, then one column of Laser Beans near the Sun-shrooms. Be ready for the Zombie Kings.
  • Jester Zombies are not a threat, as all of the required plants you chose do not shoot projectiles. The only exception to this are Puff-shrooms, which are useless for in this section of this strategy.
  • When a Wizard Zombie appears, try to make him transform your endangered plants. Then defeat him slowly.
  • If your strategy is going wrong, try and replace all your eaten plants. After that, remove a column of Sun-shrooms to make more space for Laser Beans in order to defeat Wizard Zombies and Zombie Kings at the same time.
    • Do not forget to plant Tall-nuts. They do not only protect your house, but they also protect the endangered Magnet-shrooms.
  • Plant two Magnet-shrooms to stop the Zombie Kings.
  • When a Dark Ages Gargantuar appears, use Plant Food on a Fume-shroom and use a Cherry Bomb near both him and the Zombie Kings. You may plant more Tall-nuts to stall the zombies that are the most dangerous. Delay it by constantly planting both Puff and Sun-shrooms.
  • Remember to use Plant Food and the Cherry Bomb. They will effectively help you recover your strategy.
  • For Coconut Cannon, if you are aiming for the Jester Zombie, do not directly. Instead, look for a zombie with high amount of health, then use it as a target. If any Jester Zombies nearby or one column away from it, it will then suffer a severe damage from the splash.
  • Magnifying Grass is an effective way to hurl off Imp Monk Zombies. They must be placed on the third column because that is where they land when they are thrown off by Dark Ages Gargantuar.

Strategy 2

Created by RaidingParty

This strategy allows the level to be completed without using Plant Food, paid content, premium plants, or losing any lawn mowers.

Snapdragons and Magnifying Grass are a powerful combination for many levels and will work as well here. Use Chili Beans to drag out and kill off the first few zombies while quickly planting Sun-shrooms in the first two columns and Magnifying Grass in the third. Use Grass and Chili Beans to continue controlling the zombies while Tall-nuts are placed in the column in front of the three endangered plants and Snapdragons are placed in the center lane tiles between and behind them. The Snapdragons will handle the core zombie load, while you can use Grass to shoot Zombie Kings and Wizards on sight. Destroy all tombstones in sight with Grave Buster and Grass. Wall-nuts are available in case an emergency stopgap is needed while waiting for Tall-nuts to recharge or if you are still low on sun (you may also bring Cherry Bomb instead). When the Gargantuar appears, simply shoot him to death with Grass.

Strategy 3

Created By Comicboss4000
  1. Put five Sun-shrooms on column 1.
  2. When the first few zombies arrive, place your boosted Infi-nut in front of the endangered Magnet-shrooms.
  3. Do not stall the first few zombies for too long, as they will eventually eat up the Infi-nut's force field. Put at least one column of Fume-shrooms behind the force field to start damaging those zombies.
  4. Do not panic when the Knight Zombies start to come, as the Magnet-shrooms will render them almost useless.
  5. When Wizard Zombies start to come, freeze them with Iceberg Lettuce or stun them with Stunion.
  6. By the first flag, you should have at least one column of Infi-nuts in front of the Magnet-shrooms, and two columns of Fume-shrooms. The setup should look like this:

S -- -- F F M I } -- --

S -- -- F F -- I } -- --

S -- -- F F M I } -- --

S -- -- F F -- I } -- --

S -- -- F F M I } -- --

S = Sun-shroom, F = Fume-shroom, M = Endangered Magnet-shroom,

I = Infi-nut, } = Force Field

7. When the Dark Ages Gargantuars come at the end of the level, use Plant Food on your Fume-shrooms. Do not try to always focus on them because they never appear on the rows with the endangered Magnet-shrooms. If you just want to pass the level without that much trouble, then let the lawn mowers kill them.

Strategy 4 (Contains premium content) (Contains gem premium content)

Created by Kicifixa

Plant two columns of Primal Sunflowers. If you have enought sun you can plant Blastberry Vine on Primal Sunflowers. Next plant column of your damage dealer and plant Blastberry Vines on Magnet-shrooms. (Or plant one Infi-nut and plant food him) Any other plants is for bonus protection and you dont need to use them. When Gargantuars appear, plant two Primal Potato Mines to kill them. Guacodile is helpfull with wizard zombies. 



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