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Dandelion Weed (known as Dandelion in the Stickerbook) is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. They are first seen in the commentary for Backyard Battleground. They are a Spawnable Plant like the Weeds, which can only be summoned in Herbal Assault. Dandelion Weeds are the plant equivalent of the Exploding Imp and the Explody Gnome, and as such, they run up to zombies and explode. Their attack is named Dandelion Explode.

Stickerbook description


Careful, they pack a wallop.

Update history

Trials of Gnomus DLC

  • Dandelion can now explode while stunned.


Easy: 15

Normal: 20

Hard: 25




  • The bottom of their stem looks exactly like the other Weed.
  • Dandelions originally had eyelashes, making them appear more feminine.
  • Their explosive properties may be a reference to the previous Dandelions, all which have explosive seeds for hair.
  • There is a Dandelion in the Backyard Battleground that mentions seeing a Peashooter would explode if they saw one, meaning they have a liking for the Peashooter.
    • If the player switches talks to this Dandelion as a Peashooter, they will get so excited until they explode into a bunch of coins for the player to collect.
    • This also happens with Dummy Shield and Foot Soldier.
  • They turn into dust shortly after they are vanquished or when they explode, just like the Exploding Imp.

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