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Damage per shot (often shortened to DPS) is used officially in every game of the main Plants vs. Zombies series to express the damage plants / zombies deal and the amount of health zombies / plants have. It is not to be confused with the term "Damage per Second", which is used in many games and is used to calculate how much damage is done to a single target every second.


Damage per shot is the basic measurement of damage in the Tower defense games. A pea deals 20 damage per shot, while each bite from most zombies (the damage counted by each second the zombie attacks, except for Plants vs. Zombies 3) deals 100 damage per shot. Most plants can take 300 damage before being eaten.

Some projectiles from plants can do more than just 20 DPS, and can do up to about 80 DPS, such as Cabbage-pult, Melon-pult, and peas ignited by a Torchwood. The projectile with the most damage output is Citron's charged plasma ball created during its Plant Food effect, dealing up to 4000 DPS (at level 10).

Instant kills deal a heavy amount of damage, most dealing about 1800 DPS except for Primal Potato Mine, which deals 2400 DPS. However, in ZomBotany 2, a full-health Tall-nut Zombie can be killed by a corn cob, Cherry Bomb, Jalapeno or Doom-shroom, even though Tall-nut Zombies have 2400 health. A single Potato Mine or Squash cannot kill a full-health Tall-nut Zombie, despite dealing the same damage as the aforementioned explosive plants. Chompers deal 40 DPS (200 in the sequel) to any zombie it cannot devour. Likewise, Grimroses do 600 DPS to any zombie they cannot kill.


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Note: The stats below only apply to Level 1 plants.

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