January 10th, 2018

Synopsis: You play as Spudow fighting against Brain Freeze on turn 16. Brain Freeze has 512 health and you (Spudow) have 1 health. On the field, there is a Pair Pearadise environment in the second lane, a Hot Dog Imp in the third lane, and a Zombot Plank Walker and a second Pair Pearadise on the fourth lane. You are given a Berry Angry, an Imitater, a Gardening Gloves, a Tricarrotops, a Kernel Corn, a Wall-Nut Bowling, a Dandy Lion King, and a Gloom-Shroom.

Notes you want to take note of:

  • Imitater's ability only activates if you play plants that is not an Imitater. That includes cards that make cards.
  • When Imitater activates his ability, it will count as playing a plant.

Now follow these steps closely:

  1. Play Tricarrotops on the first lane.
  2. Play Imitater on the left Pair Pearadise. The environment will make a second Imitater.
  3. Use Gardening Gloves to move the Imitater made from the environment on the first lane to make space and to activate Tricarrotops' ability.
  4. Play Dandy Lion King on the second Pair Pearadise. The following will happen.
    1. The played Dandy Lion King will activate his ability, dealing 256 damage to Brain Freeze, leaving him with 256 health left.
    2. The Imitater on the first lane will transform into a Dandy Lion King, dealing 128 damage to Brain Freeze and leaving him with 128 health.
    3. The original Imitater will also transform into a Dandy Lion King, dealing 64 damage to Brain Freeze and leaving him with 64 health.
    4. Due to the Imitater transforming on Pair Pearadise, another Dandy Lion King is made, which will proceed to deal 32 damage to Brain Freeze and leaving him with 32 health.
    5. The second Pair Pearadise will then make fifth Dandy Lion King, dealing 16 damage to Brain Freeze and leaving him with 16 health.
  5. Play Berry Angry and end your turn.
  6. Start the fight. If you did it right, the combined strength of your plants in the first and second lane will be 22 damage, 6 more than the 16 attack needed to defeat Brain Freeze before the Hot Dog Imp defeats you.

Note: Tricarrotops is actually not needed, as you will still be 4 damage over the required amount needed to defeat Brain Freeze if you excluded it.