January 3rd, 2018

Synopsis: You play as The Smash fighting against Beta-Carrotina on turn 14. Beta-Carrotina has 21 health and you (The Smash) have 2 health. On the field, there is a Snowdrop in the second lane, a Garlic in the third lane, a Vanilla on the fourth lane, and two Admiral Navy Beans in the water lane. You are given an Ancient Vimpire, a Snorkel Zombie, a Vimpire, two Terrifys, an Energy Drink Zombie, a Mondo Bronto, and a Locust Swarm.

Note: Remember that both Vimpire and Ancient Vimpire will be destroyed if they attack Garlic so never play them in Garlic's row.

  1. Play Ancient Vimpire on the fourth lane.
  2. Play Vimpire on the second lane.
  3. Play Energy Drink Zombie on the third lane.
  4. Play Snorkel Zombie in the water lane.
  5. End the Zombie Play phase.
  6. When it is the Zombie Tricks phase (Energy Drink Zombie will gain +1StrengthPvZH/+1HeartPvZH and move to the first lane), use one of the Terrifys to move one of the Admiral Navy Beans onto the first lane.
  7. Use the other Terrify to move the other Admiral Navy Bean onto the second lane.
  8. Start the fight. If you did everything right, here is what will happen in order.
    1. Energy Drink Zombie will attack Admiral Navy Bean and survive its attack, boosting his stats by +2StrengthPvZH/+2HeartPvZH from Ancient Vimpire's ability to 4StrengthPvZH/3HeartPvZH and dealing 4 damage to Beta-Carrotina, leaving her with 17 health.
    2. Vimpire will attack both the Snowdrop and the other Admiral Navy Bean, surviving their attacks and having his stats boosted by a total of +8StrengthPvZH/+8HeartPvZH due to the combined activation of both his own ability and Ancient Vimpire's ability twice to become a 10StrengthPvZH/9HeartPvZH and dealing 10 damage to Beta-Carrotina, leaving her with 7 health.
    3. Garlic will attack you for 1 damage, leaving you at 1 health.
    4. Ancient Vimpire will attack Vanilla and survive, resulting in its ability to boost its stats by +2StrengthPvZH/+2HeartPvZH, making it a 5StrengthPvZH/3HeartPvZH and dealing 5 damage to Beta-Carrotina, leaving her with 2 health.
    5. Snorkel Zombie will attack Beta-Carrotina for 2 damage, defeating her in the process.