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Crazy Settings is a new feature for solo and private battles in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. They can be accessed by going into the Multiplayer Portal settings, then selecting either 'Solo Play' or 'Private Battle', then selecting 'Crazy Settings'. This lets the players make their battle more interesting and crazier with a variety of options that affect the gameplay. However, using either one of them will reduce the amount of XP the players earn.

Types of Crazy Settings

There are a total of 6 Crazy Settings the player can access. However, there are 6 new Crazy Settings that are not able to be accessed in the multiplayer portal and are only found in the Mystery Portal.

Multiplayer Portal & Mystery Portal

Low Gravity

The entire match will be played in low gravity (like Moon Base Z and Lunar Landing).


All characters have infinite ammo and no overheat.

Simply Explode Mode

Characters simply explode when vanquished. 'Simply'.

Ridiculously Low Health

All characters have a max of 1 health.

Speed Boost Craziness

All characters move at a much faster rate.

Super Crazy Knock-back Mode

Damaged characters get knocked back... like, really far!

Mystery Portal Exclusive

Time Bomb Madness

If a character doesn't get a vanquish or a revive in 30 seconds they will explode.

Character Jumble


Both teams are composed of random characters. When one is vanquished it respawns as another character. Only consists of only core classes including Torchwood and Hover Goat-3000.


Both teams are composed of random characters. When one is vanquished it respawns as another character. Doesn't use the new classes, but instead uses variants.

All Legendary, All Random

Ready to get random? With this setting, you’ll play as randomly assigned Legendary-only characters. Mystery Portal exclusive.


Go out with cobs blazing! In Berserker, your damage increases as your health gets lower.

Healing Auras

With no passive health regeneration, you’ll provide healing vibes only by standing near your teammates.

Crazy Regeneration

This one is practically opposite from Healing Auras. With Crazy Regeneration, passive health regeneration is lightning fast.

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