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For the plants in Plants vs. Zombies 2 that the line is based on, see Kernel-pult, and Cob Cannon.

The Corn line (玉米系; pinyin: yùmǐ xì) is a Brave plant line in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars .

The line consists of Kernel-pult (玉米投手; pinyin: yùmǐ tóushǒu), Popcorn-pult (爆米花投手; pinyin: bàomǐhuā tóushǒu), and Cob Cannon (玉米加农炮; pinyin: yùmǐ jiānóngpào). Kernel-pult attacks zombies by lobbing corn kernels at them, Popcorn-pult attacks by lobbing bits of popcorn at zombies, and Cob Cannon attacks by firing lasers at zombies.


All members of the Corn line are based on the crop maize (Zea mays), also known as corn, a type of large grain plant which originates from southern Mexico.

The first tier is based on the plant of the same name and appearance from Plants vs. Zombies 2.

The second tier is based on popcorn, a snack created by heating up kernels from certain varieties of corn that is popularly sold in movie theaters. It's design references this by having Popcorn-pult hold its popcorn in a striped bag and wear 3D glasses, objects which are also typically used in movie theaters.

Almanac entry

Kernel-pult Evo


Tier Effect Description
1 5052
Corn Pitcher
Attacks 3 random enemies. There is a chance to stun each target for 1 turn, more than 1 turn with Seagull Zombie.
2 2028
Butter of Anger
Shoot butter on the enemies, cause more damage and stun them for 1 turn.
3 2029
Cob Cannon can accumulate experience from failure from hitting the zombies. Next time, Cob Cannon hits zombies right on target, causing more damage.




  • In the new versions, Popcorn-pult has an error with its 3D glasses, showing its beta look.
  • Cob Cannon takes up only one space, unlike his previous appearances.
  • Cob Cannon used to look like the Cob Cannon from the original Plants vs. Zombies, but was changed to a more futuristic laser design in a recent update.
    • It is unknown why this change was made.
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