Corn Mortar


A close shot of the Corn Mortar

For other uses, see Cob Cannon (disambiguation).
Not to be confused with a similar ability, Corn Strike.

Corn Mortar is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. It acts like the Cob Cannon from Plants vs. Zombies. It only appears in Gardens & Graveyards in the map Main Street (and Main Street Night). It deals 70 damage maximum per corn cob. When the zombies destroy one, they earn 250 coins.



The best thing you can do as plants is to sit back behind the Corn Mortars and wait for a zombie to approach, as there is a high chance for a zombie to escape. One of the zombies might try to destroy a Corn Mortar. While it does so, this is your chance to sneak behind that zombie and kill it. If you are a Chomper, make sure you goop it first to make it an easy target.


An effective strategy is just to try to avoid the Corn Mortars in the hallways near the Corn Mortars to avoid the large splash damage. Another solution is to try to destroy them or at least one of them to make it easier for your other teammates to get past them. Note that they are extremely hard to destroy, and a plant may vanquish/harm you while doing so. If you are an Engineer, it is a good idea to build a teleporter as fast as possible, as by doing so will allow you and your other zombie teammates to skip the whole way through the Corn Mortar. However, still try to destroy the Corn Mortars because the teleporter might get destroyed.



  • Unlike in the first game, the cobs take some time before exploding.
  • If one looks closely behind it, they can see a leaf shaking like a dog's tail.
  • When it is destroyed, the player can see its wheels laying on the ground.
  • The team receives 250 coins for destroying one (same as the Flax Cannon and Tallnut Cannon) as a zombie. 
  • It makes corn much faster than the original Cob Cannon. However, the corn stays on the ground for a few seconds before exploding.
  • The front wheel is smaller in this game, unlike in the first game, where both corn wheels are the same size.
  • It, despite being a plant, can kill plants as well rather than just zombies. This trait is shared with the Tallnut Cannon.
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