This item is only obtainable during certain events. However, it can still be used if you have already obtained it. It is currently not available.

Contain-mint is a Power Mint plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2. When planted, it stuns all zombies on-screen for 4 seconds. It can boost Contain-mint family plants by giving them high-level abilities and increasing their ability duration, increasing the effectiveness of their abilities.

Contain-mint family plants include:



Contain-mint's name is a portmanteau of "mint" and "containment," the act of containing something.

Almanac entry

Note: The stats shown below only apply to Level 1.




FAMILY: Contain-mint

Contain-mints stun all zombies on the board and provide a temporary boost to all Contain-mint Family plants on the lawn.

Contain-mint Family plants:

Dazey Chain
Grave Buster
Olive Pit
Spring Bean

"Go easy, there," says Contain-mint. "No need to be in such a rush all the time. Movement is totally overrated."

Contain-mint boosts

While boosted by Contain-mint, the following plants gain the following effects.

  • Dazey Chain will gain additional DPS based on which stage they're at (65 DPS for small, 130 for medium, 195 for large), and their stun duration is increased to 6 seconds.
  • Draftodil will deal an additional 150 DPS with her normal attack, an additional 255 DPS with her Plant Food attack, her stun duration is increased by 1.25 seconds, her Plant Food effect stun duration is increased by 5 seconds, and the chance of her blowing small zombies off the lawn is increased to 100%.
  • Grave Buster can absorb an additional 900 DPS, and its grave busting time is reduced to 1 second. It will also gain the ability to explode after finishing eating a grave, dealing 1900 DPS to all zombies in a single area.
  • Hurrikale will have its blowing duration increased to 6 seconds, and its chill duration is increased to 16 seconds. If Hurrikale is at level 9 or higher, Contain-mint will do nothing.
  • Magnet-shroom will take 2.5 seconds to destroy objects, and his range is increased to 8x10.
  • Olive Pit's pit capacity is increased by 6 zombies and his chewing speed is reduced to 10 seconds.
  • Sap-fling's firing rate is reduced to 1 - 1.5 seconds. If Sap-fling is already at level 9 or higher, Contain-mint will have no effect.
  • Spring Bean will knock back zombies an additional 3.5 tiles, and its sleep time is reduced to 1 second.
  • Stallia will knock back zombies 3-4 tiles, its stall duration is increased to 18 seconds, and its Plant Food stall duration is increased to 27 seconds. If Stallia is already at level 10, Contain-mint will have no effect.
  • Stunion will poison zombies he stunned, dealing 50 DPS per second. If Stunion is at level 10, Contain-mint will do nothing.


Level upgrades

Note that Contain-mint's recharge is 30 seconds shorter during the Improve-mint event.

Level Seed Packets Upgrades
Sun Cost Recharge Duration Toughness Stun
1 0 0 85 seconds 10 seconds 100000 dps 4 seconds
2 100 80 seconds 11 seconds 5 seconds
3 150 80 seconds 12 seconds 6 seconds
4 200 75 seconds 13 seconds 7 seconds
5 300 75 seconds 14 seconds 8 seconds
6 400 75 seconds 15 seconds 9 seconds
7 500 70 seconds 16 seconds 10 seconds
8 600 70 seconds 17 seconds 11 seconds
9 800 70 seconds 18 seconds 12 seconds
10 1,000 60 seconds 19 seconds 13 seconds


Contain-mint works very well with Stunion, as Stunion will receive the poison effect it would get as if it were at level 5. Another plant that works well with Contain-mint is Stallia as it will knock back zombies as if it were at level 5 as well as having a longer slow duration. A boosted Spring Bean can potentially knock zombies off screen, instantly defeating them, while a boosted Magnet-shroom can easily clear out entire areas of metal, and can work even in Endless Zones. Dazey Chain and Draftodil will be boosted their damage and stun duration by Contain-mint, which makes them more effective.

Even on its own, Contain-mint is still an effective plant since its ability is useful without the support it provides to plants in its family, functioning as a psuedo-Iceberg Lettuce plant food effect, which can give your plants time to damage the zombies or give your seed packets time to recharge.

Contain-mint's ability to stun all zombies on screen is useful in adventure mode, but can potentially be detrimental in Arena because you will normally want to kill the zombies as quickly as possible. It's also not advised to bring Contain-mint on levels where you can't lose plants, as it will disappear after a while.


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  • If a Contain-mint gets crushed by a Zombie King, its boost will never wear off, even if another Contain-mint is played.
  • Although Thyme Warp has been removed from the Contain-mint Family, Contain-mint Family pinatas can still have Thyme Warp's seed packets.
  • Contain-mint's turquoise leaves look similar to a bear trap.
    • This is related to the bear trap family icon, which is the unused icon.
  • Despite not being able to slow down or stop zombies, Magnet-shroom and Grave Buster are part of the Contain-mint Family.
  • Despite the fact that Blover is in its family, Blover will receive no buffs when a Contain-mint is on the field.
  • If Contain Mint is used right after the zombies spawned from the tombstones in Dark Ages, the zombies will become invincible.
    • Using any instant-kill will only destroy the graves but not the zombies during the time they are stunned.
  • Any kind of knockback on zombies will stop Contain Mint's stunning effect instantly.

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