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Conehead is a Neighborhood Zombie in Plants vs. Zombies 3. It is one of the first few zombies encountered when playing.


Conehead Zombie1

It is based on the zombie of the same name and appearance of the original game and its sequel, but due to it being called just a Conehead in-game, it is based more off of its appearance in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.


Note: The stats shown below only apply to Level 1.

Level 1 Neighborhood Zombie
Wears a traffic cone on their head as
armor. Resourceful!
PvZ3 icon threat Armored
Attack Damage
Armor Dmg. Ignored
Attack Speed
1 s
Walking Speed

Effective Plants:
Bamboo Shoots PvZ3 seed packet Squash PvZ3 seed packet Melon-Pult PvZ3 seed packet


As with all previous games in the series, Conehead is an easy zombie to deal with if you have a good setup. However as the game goes on in Devour Tower, it gets stronger.

It can be difficult to deal with at times, But it is recommended to use Bamboo Shoots. There are some strategies with the Conehead, as almost any plant that does heavy damage in the game can take the Conehead out. Just remember to keep taking care of Breakouts and getting seeds to your plants can get stronger so the Conehead will not get too strong in later Devour Tower levels.



  • Conehead can spawn in as either male or female
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