This article contains the various community-built decks for Wall-Knight in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. You are free to add your decks, but please refer to the rules page first.

Wall-KnightH Health-Roots (created by ByeGuys)

PvZH Guardian Icon PvZH Solar Icon
Unleash the Roots together with the Health powers!
Starch-LordH x4 Water ChestnutH x4 Pear CubH x4 Gardening GlovesH x4 GarlicH x4
TricarrotopsH x4 Potato MineH x4 PecanolithH x4 PhotosynthesizerH x4 Grape ResponsibilityH x4

Wall-KnightH OTK Beary/Magnifier (created by ByeGuys)

PvZH Guardian Icon PvZH Solar Icon
Set Up an OTK-ing Hibernating Beary on a Ground lane, then use Lawnmower to kill any zombie in front of it! Alternatively, use magnifying Grass as a backup if your opponent kills Nibernating Beary, and use Gardening Gloves next turn! The main weakness is lack of plants.
Hibernating BearyH x4 Magnifying GrassH x4 LawnmowerH x4 Gardening GlovesH x2 Primal SunflowerH x4
Twin SunflowerH x4 Solar WindsH x4 Water BalloonsH x2 ShamrocketH x4 PhotosynthesizerH x4
Grape ResponsibilityH x4

Wall-KnightH (Defense) Verachoke (created by ByeGuys)

PvZH Guardian Icon PvZH Solar Icon
I made similar decks for the other solar cards too. The essense of verachoke is (heartichoke+Astro Vera) *2
Twin SunflowerH x4 HeartichokeH x4 Astro VeraH x4 Three-Headed ChomperH x2 Wall-NutH x4
Water ChestnutH x4 Spikeweed SectorH x3 ShamrocketH x3 Doom-ShroomH x3 Force FieldH x3
SmackadamiaH x3 Poppin' PoppiesH x1 Soul PatchH x3

Wall-KnightH Nut Everything (created by Patryk8i9)

PvZH Guardian Icon PvZH Solar Icon
Nut Defense, nut Attack, nut everything.
Small-NutH x1 Wall-NutH x4 PismashioH x3 Water ChestnutH x4 Pea-NutH x4
SmackadamiaH x4 Cosmic NutH x3 Jugger-NutH x2 Mirror-NutH x4 Three-NutH x2
Primal Wall-NutH x4 Wall-Nut BowlingH x1 PecanolithH x4

Wall-KnightH Poppin' Power (created by Imp Lover)

PvZH Guardian Icon PvZH Solar Icon
This is an extremely powerful deck meant for mid to late game. This deck requires some premium rares and premium super rares, but these cards are generally worth it to craft. This deck focuses on the synergy between the Solar and Guardian classes. There are two main themes in this deck: Nuts and Flowers. Use Smackadamia and Steel Magnolia to boost your nuts, generate lots of sun while protecting your sunflowers, and boost them with Spineapple. Spineapple is amazing in this deck, not only boosting nuts, but also Lil' Buddies from Poppin' Poppies and Sunflowers. Lil' Buddies also benefit from Steel Magnolia boosting up their health. Sage Sage can take advantage of the huge amount of sun production, netting you free draws and pressuring the zombie hero. Finally, Briar Rose and Power Flower are both incredible in this deck, damaging the zombie hero when Lil' Buddies are hurt and healing the plant hero for every flower in play.
Poppin' PoppiesH x3 Water ChestnutH x2 Steel MagnoliaH x3 SmackadamiaH x2 Mixed NutsH x3
SpineappleH x4 Wall-NutH x3 Mirror-NutH x2 SunflowerH x3 Twin SunflowerH x3
2nd-Best Taco of All TimeH x2 Power FlowerH x3 Sage SageH x3 Briar RoseH x2 Whack-a-ZombieH x2

Wall-KnightH Heavy (created by MoreZnipingZombie)

PvZH Guardian Icon PvZH Solar Icon
A simple heavy card, composed of moderately expensive cards, be sure to keep up with team-up plants and be highly durable, tough beets is durable, while other plants dish out damage. (P.S.:It's really expensive to craft these cards i'm about to mention)
Potato MineH x2 SunflowerH x1 Wall-NutH x4 CactusH x2 Jugger-nutH x1
Sea-ShroomH x1 Water BalloonsH x2 Water ChestnutH x2 Mixed NutsH x2 Pea-NutH x3
SpineappleH x3 Steel MagnoliaH x1 Venus FlytrapH x1 Whack-a-ZombieH x1 BloomerangH x1
GuacodileH x1 Metal Petal SunflowerH x2 Power FlowerH x1 SmackadamiaH x3 SquashH x2
Tough BeetsH x2 Laser BeanH x1 Smashing PumpkinH x1

Wall-KnightH The Wall is Knighted (created by ProGuyHere)

PvZH Guardian Icon PvZH Solar Icon
Build the Great Wall with a formidible defense that will turn to offense!
Wall-NutH x2 Mixed NutsH x2 Water ChestnutH x2 Jugger-NutH x2 SpineappleH x2
Pea-NutH x2 Three-NutH x2 Health-NutH x2 Grape ResponsibilityH x3 Forget-Me-NutsH x2
ShamrocketH x2 Wing-NutH x3 PhotosynthesizerH x3 Mirror-NutH x4 PecanolithH x3
Loco CocoH x1 Wall-Nut BowlingH x1 Twin SunflowerH x3

Wall-KnightH Do Nut Attack Me! (created by GamerNerd i)

PvZH Guardian Icon PvZH Solar Icon
No, seriously, do NUT attack anything in this deck. Guacodile, Mirror-Nut, Briar Rose, and Prickly Pear ensure that you exact revenge, while Poppin’ Poppies and Wall-nut Bowling ensure you always have something to avenge. Geyser, Steel Magnolia, and Smackadamia keep everyone up and running, while Pepper M.D. takes advantage of everyone’s healing! Keep Zombies small (in size AND numbers) with Grave Busters and Squashes, and your opponents will go nuts trying to break you down!
SunflowerH x2 Metal Petal SunflowerH x4 Power FlowerH x4 Briar RoseH x3 Wall-NutH x3
Steel MagnoliaH x3 Mirror-nutH x1 SmackadamiaH x3 Prickly PearH x2 Pepper M.D.H x2
SquashH x2 Wall-Nut BowlingH x1 Soul PatchH x1 Poppin' PoppiesH x2 Grave BusterH x3
GuacodileH x3

Wall-KnightH Heal Nut (created by LightTrust)

PvZH Guardian Icon PvZH Solar Icon
Heal your "Nut" and Plants, protect those, increase your plant(s) Power.
Potato MineH x3 Wall-NutH x4 Gardening GlovesH x2 Pepper M.D.H x2 Water BalloonsH x1
Water ChestnutH x3 2nd-Best Taco of All TimeH x1 Hibernating BearyH x1 Mixed NutsH x2 Pea-NutH x1
SpineappleH x2 Venus FlytrapH x4 Whack-a-ZombieH x1 Prickly PearH x2 Doom-ShroomH x1
Power FlowerH x4 SmackadamiaH x4 SquashH x2

Wall-KnightH The Wall (created by PeaVZ108)

PvZH Guardian Icon PvZH Solar Icon
This deck is mainly high on defense. Use Potato Mines to get rid of small zombies. Plant Sunflowers to get more sun each turn and protect them with Nuts. Use Spineapple and Smackadamia to buff up both Sunflowers and Nuts to knock out the zombies. Use Poppin' Poppies if you are running out of options in defense and instant-kill tricks like Lawnmower, Whack-a-Zombie and Squash to make defense easier. If you have enough sun, you can start using the Cornucopia, but make sure there are enough empty lanes for this plant to be worth! Works well against Hearty zombies. Let me know what you think in the comments!
Potato MineH x4 SunflowerH x4 Grave BusterH x4 Water ChestnutH x2 Mixed NutsH x4
Pea-NutH x4 SpineappleH x4 Whack-a-ZombieH x2 LawnmowerH x2 SmackadamiaH x4
SquashH x3 Poppin' PoppiesH x1 Three-Headed ChomperH x1 CornucopiaH x1

Wall-KnightH Shining Stone (created by KirbiMiroir)

PvZH Guardian Icon PvZH Solar Icon
Wall-Knight's main priority is in defence - he has a great assortment of nuts to choose from, most of which can defensively team-up or benefit from teaming up. This deck offers good defence, some Bullseye attacks and a few Amphibious plants. It also has Potato Mines, for use in stalling early zombies.
Potato MineH x4 Wall-NutH x4 Small-NutH x1 Sting BeanH x2 SunflowerH x2
CactusH x2 Gardening GlovesH x2 Grave BusterH x3 Jugger-NutH x2 PismashioH x1
2nd-Best Taco of All TimeH x2 Pea-NutH x2 SpineappleH x3 Steel MagnoliaH x2 Whack-a-ZombieH x1
GuacodileH x1 LawnmowerH x1 Metal Petal SunflowerH x1 SmackadamiaH x1 SquashH x2

Wall-KnightH Pay-2-Win healing deck (created by Iamarepeater)

PvZH Guardian Icon PvZH Solar Icon
I made this deck from Fry Em Up 's video. Click here to watch it. So you need to control the early game well using cards such as Galacta-Cactus, Spikeweed Sector, and Hot Date. Then you need to pull off the Heartichoke-Venus flytraplanet combo to finish off your opponent. They managed to survive that? Then unleash Astro-Vera to finish them off with a 10-damage blow on their face or Cornucopia to really drain them of their cards.
Galacta-CactusH x2 Morning GloryH x2 Grave BusterH x3 Hot DateH x4 Spikeweed SectorH x3
2nd-Best Taco of All TimeH x4 Pear CubH x4 PlanternH x2 ShamrocketH x3 HeartichokeH x4
Venus FlytraplanetH x3 Doom-ShroomH x1 Astro VeraH x3 CornucopiaH x2

Wall-KnightH Root of All Evil (created by RandomzSunfish23901)

PvZH Guardian Icon PvZH Solar Icon
Utilizing the Root tribe's synergy through Starch-Lord, this budget deck starts off with Potato Mine and Spikeweed Sector for early removal, then transitions into playing strong cards like Plantern and Tough Beets. Throw in a Starch-Lord to buff all of it up and gain a card advantage.
Potato MineH x4 GarlicH x4 Spikeweed SectorH x4 Water ChestnutH x2 Grave BusterH x3
PlanternH x4 Whack-a-ZombieH x3 2nd-Best Taco of All TimeH x4 Starch-LordH x4 SquashH x4
Tough BeetsH x3 Wall-Nut BowlingH x1

Wall-KnightH Con-Troll (created by NgThang)

PvZH Guardian Icon PvZH Solar Icon
This is a typical control deck, with plenty of removal and good finishers.
Galacta-CactusH x4 Grave BusterH x2 Hot DateH x4 Spikeweed SectorH x4 Pear CubH x4
Whack-a-ZombieH x3 Briar RoseH x4 ShamrocketH x2 Doom-ShroomH x2 Wing-NutH x2
Poppin' PoppiesH x3 Tactical CukeH x1 Astro VeraH x3

Wall-KnightH Budget Enviro-Heal (created by GravityWave)

PvZH Guardian Icon PvZH Solar Icon
A cheap budget heals deck. Cosmoss synergises with Spikeweed Sector and Venus Flytraplanet, while Heartichoke goes in an infinite loop. Power Flower and Smackadamia are your finishers, and Kernel-Pult helps out with small removal. Add your own heals/ environments to make this stronger.
CosmossH x4 Kernel-PultH x3 Spikeweed SectorH x4 Venus FlytraplanetH x4 HeartichokeH x3
Sting BeanH x4 Pepper M.D.H x4 Power FlowerH x3 SmackadamiaH x1 Cosmic NutH x1
Wall-NutH x2 Morning GloryH x3 Whack-a-ZombieH x2

Wall-KnightH Indespicable Aggression (BUDGET) (created by TheMajesticStork)

PvZH Guardian Icon PvZH Solar Icon
Not everyone expects your local nut friend to be an aggressive thing. Simply puncture their defenses with a swarm of cheap cards like Haunted Pumpking and Morning Glory. Tough Beets benefit from your swarm. Put an Elderberry on a Pumpkin Shell and watch your foe fall.
Haunted PumpkingH x4 Pumpkin ShellH x2 ElderberryH x4 Morning GloryH x4 Tough BeetsH x4
Apple-SaucerH x2 BloomerangH x4 Cosmic FlowerH x3 Grizzly PearH x1 CactusH x4
PlanternH x2 Spikeweed SectorH x2 Venus FlytraplanetH x2 CosmossH x2

Wall-KnightH Agg-I-ro-nic (created by TitaXsuXforXgooX)

PvZH Guardian Icon PvZH Solar Icon
A typical Aggro deck with rage coming behind you. Tricarrotops and Briar Rose make good use of stronger (and probably weaker) zombies, while the tricks and environments can either boost stats or make a BIG help. Either way, you can still win here, only if your strat doesn't get countered. Also lots of tricks, but still worth it. (Also see the deck above for a Budget Aggro. It's a bit better than mine.)
TricarrotopsH x4 Briar RoseH x4 Metal Petal SunflowerH x4 Solar WindsH x4 GravitreeH x2
Force FieldH x2 Forget-Me-NutsH x4 2nd-Best Taco of All TimeH x3 LawnmowerH x3 Whack-a-ZombieH x4
Sun StrikeH x4 Hot DateH x2
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