This article contains the various community-built decks for Super Brainz in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. You are free to add your decks, but please refer to the rules page first.

Super BrainzH The Blood Moon Rises (created by Byte + Barq = awesome)

Please be Careful, Plants! this deck takes cheap, weak zombies and makes them better in every way! use Plank Walker to summon an army, then play BMR to end it all!
Bad Moon RisingH x4 SwabbieH x4 Mustache WaxerH x2 Cryo-BrainH x4 Medulla NebulaH x4
Brain VendorH x4 Frosty MustacheH x4 Gentleman ZombieH x2 Zombot StompH x1 GraveyardH x2
Teleportation ZombieH x3 TeleportH x3 Cell Phone ZombieH x2 Zombot Plank WalkerH x1

Super BrainzH Gravestone Super Brainz (created by Yappat)

PvZH Brainy Icon PvZH Sneaky Icon
A cheap and vital deck recommended to use for all newbies. This deck relies around Gravestones in order to take control of the board and punish your opponent when they make mistakes. Headstone Carver, Swashbuckler Zombie, Imp Commander, Smelly Zombie, Backyard Bounce and Lurch for Lunch are needed as they are the main cards that lead to the deck's success and lack a good replacement. 1 225 Spark is required to craft the entire deck, though, the only things that are reasonable to craft are the Sneaky Imp, Surprise Gargantuar and Pogo Bouncer, since they are hard to get. At the start of the game, you want to try and reroll in order to get Headstone Carver, but keep some Gravestone teammates in order to keep it in use. The deck's goal isn't to rely on destroying the Plant Hero as fast as you can, but to try and lock your opponent from using tricks to counter the teammates that you play. In replacing some cards you don't own, you can replace Electrician with Zombot Drone Engineer, Pogo Bouncer with Backyard Bounce, Surprise Gargantuar is unreplaceable however, but the closest is Fireman Zombie, Mini-Ninja or Exploding Imp for Stealthy Imp. The rest should usually be easy to get.
Headstone CarverH x4 Smoke BombH x2 Cell Phone ZombieH x1 Fishy ImpH x2 Hot Dog ImpH x3
Lurch for LunchH x3 Swashbuckler ZombieH x4 ElectricianH x2 Backyard BounceH x1 Fun-Dead RaiserH x3
Imp CommanderH x4 Smelly ZombieH x3 Stealthy ImpH x2 Pogo BouncerH x3 Surprise GargantuarH x3

Super BrainzH Tombstone Piledriver

PvZH Brainy Icon PvZH Sneaky Icon
This deck is basically focused on gravestone zombies such as: Headstone Carver , Surprise Gargantuar , Smelly Zombie ...Boosted by Headstone Carver. Paparazzi zombie will benefit from tricks and tricky zombies such as Beam me up. Pogo Bouncer and Rocket Science will help you to bounce or destroy hard plants. Firefighter zombie will help you to get back damaged zombies to reuse them "healed".
ElectricianH x3 Headstone CarverH x3 Paparazzi ZombieH x3 Lurch for LunchH x2 Beam Me UpH x3
Hot Dog ImpH x4 Fishy ImpH x3 Pogo BouncerH x2 Fun-Dead RaiserH x3 Rocket ScienceH x2
Smelly ZombieH x4 Stealthy ImpH x3 FirefighterH x2 Surprise GargantuarH x1 Hail-a-CopterH x2

Super BrainzH IMPenetrable (created by YellowWikia651)

PvZH Brainy Icon PvZH Sneaky Icon
Let's just say... Imps. Lots and LOTS and LOOOTS of Imps. Imp here, Imp there. Imps helping imps. Imps clearly working for nothing? Imps dying for the cause of the entire world collapsing? Doesn't matter, this pack wants 'em. This deck is pretty much of a build-up deck rather than a play and kill 'em now. You need to get more cards, so you can, UNLEASH THE FURY OF THE IMPS! Toxic Waste Imp and the Imp Commander are generally good for this deck, as well as Hot Dog Imp. Mini-Ninjas are also good.
ImpH x3 Hot Dog ImpH x2 Imp CommanderH x2 Fishy ImpH x3 Mini-NinjaH x4
Stealthy ImpH x2 Hail-a-CopterH x2 Lurch for LunchH x4 Toxic Waste ImpH x2 Smoke BombH x2
Barrel Roller ZombieH x3 Rocket ScienceH x3 Brain VendorH x3 Fun-Dead RaiserH x1 TeleportH x2
Walrus RiderH x2

Super BrainzH Anti-Hero Imps (created by Imp Lover)

PvZH Brainy Icon PvZH Sneaky Icon
This deck is fast-paced, and has answers for everything. Use anti-hero cards to quickly damage your opponent, tricks to deal extra damage, and Imp Commander for extra cards. You can quickly overwhelm your opponent with your card advantage, board control, and unexpected tricks. Toxic waste Imp can help you deal with the biggest of threats, and Hot Dog Imp can damage plants being protected by walls. This deck does require some Premium-rares.
Mini-NinjaH x4 Toxic Waste ImpH x4 Hot Dog ImpH x4 Imp CommanderH x4 Barrel Roller ZombieH x2
Fishy ImpH x2 Stealthy ImpH x3 Chimney SweepH x3 Brain VendorH x2 Paparazzi ZombieH x3
Smoke BombH x4 Lurch for LunchH x3 Fun-Dead RaiserH x2

Super BrainzH Graviest Scientists (created by LawnDefender072003)

PvZH Brainy Icon PvZH Sneaky Icon
This deck is a mix-up of Science cards and Gravestones cards. There are so many Gravestones in this deck that it will confuse your opponent and leading to victory.
Headstone CarverH x4 Fishy ImpH x3 Zombot Drone EngineerH x4 Lurch for LunchH x4 Mad ChemistH x1
Kite FlyerH x1 Swashbuckler ZombieH x4 Rocket ScienceH x1 Mixed-Up GravediggerH x1 Smelly ZombieH x3
Pogo BouncerH x1 Hail-a-CopterH x4 ElectricianH x1 Surprise GargantuarH x1 Gadget ScientistH x1
Wizard GargantuarH x1 Zombot StompH x1 Stealthy ImpH x3

Super BrainzH Tricky Brainz (created by LawnDefender072003)

PvZH Brainy Icon PvZH Sneaky Icon
This deck is a trick-focus deck.
Paparazzi ZombieH x4 Zombot Drone EngineerH x4 Lurch for LunchH x4 Mad ChemistH x1
Backyard BounceH x1 Smoke BombH x4 Rocket ScienceH x2 Surprise GargantuarH x1 Beam Me UpH x3
Hail-a-CopterH x4 Fun-Dead RaiserH x3 Surprise GargantuarH x1 Gentleman ZombieH x2
Wizard GargantuarH x1

Super BrainzH Extreme Trickery (created by prankstah20)

PvZH Brainy Icon PvZH Sneaky Icon
This deck is mainly focused on tricks & bonus attacks, thus having a huge element of surprise for the opponent. More Tricksters/Portal Technicians can be used for better effects.
Chimney SweepH x2 Paparazzi ZombieH x4 Smoke BombH x4 Beam Me UpH x2 Lurch for LunchH x4
ElectricianH x4 Fun-Dead RaiserH x4 Gentleman ZombieH x4 Smelly ZombieH x4 Mountain ClimberH x4
Pogo BouncerH x4 Surprise GargantuarH x4 Portal TechnicianH x1 TricksterH x1

Super BrainzH Grave Mistake (created by Lily8763cp)

PvZH Brainy Icon PvZH Sneaky Icon
This deck focuses mostly on graves, with a slight bit of science involved. Tomb Raiser, Electrician, and Headstone Carvers are a must. Mixed-Up Gravediggers, Pogo Bouncers, Smelly Zombies, and Sneaky Imps are also nice choices to the deck as well. This deck has been tested and used in ranked multiplayer.
Chimney SweepH x2 Headstone CarverH x4 Mini-NinjaH x3 Smoke BombH x2 TeleportH x1
Beam Me UpH x2 Fishy ImpH x2 Zombot Drone EngineerH x3 Brain VendorH x2 ElectricianH x3
Kite FlyerH x2 Smelly ZombieH x2 Stealthy ImpH x2 FirefighterH x1 Pogo BouncerH x4
Tomb Raiser ZombieH x1 Mixed-Up GravediggerH x2 Walrus RiderH x2

Super BrainzH Brains In Grave Danger! (created by WallBreaker9)

PvZH Brainy Icon PvZH Sneaky Icon
This is a deck that concentrates on brains, graves and danger. Yes, This may sound weird for gameplay but is good in silver league and maybe Gold, although would to terrible in Higher leagues.
Beam Me UpH x2 Headstone CarverH x4 Brain VendorH x3 Cryo-BrainH x2 Mountain ClimberH x1
ElectricianH x2 Hail-a-CopterH x2 Zombot Drone EngineerH x4 Gentleman ZombieH x1 Gadget ScientistH x1
Kite FlyerH x2 Smelly ZombieH x3 Medulla NebulaH x2 MoonwalkerH x1 Pogo BouncerH x1
Rocket ScienceH x1 GraveyardH x4 Walrus RiderH x1 Ice PirateH x1 Surprise GargantuarH x2

Super BrainzH Mill for the Kill (created by NgThang)

PvZH Brainy Icon PvZH Sneaky Icon
The main goal of this Deck is to draw a lot of cards for both you and your opponent, until your opponent has too many cards in their hand. Zombot Plank Walker can be replaced by any game finisher.
Barrel of BarrelsH x2 Leprechaun ImpH x4 Fire RoosterH x4 Regifting ZombieH x4 Backyard BounceH x4
Brain VendorH x3 Medulla NebulaH x3 Fun-Dead RaiserH x1 Pogo BouncerH x4 Wormhole GatekeeperH x4
Mixed-Up GravediggerH x4 Zombot StompH x4 Zombot Plank WalkerH x1

Super BrainzH Science (created by Shpore)

PvZH Brainy Icon PvZH Sneaky Icon
This deck was created by Captain Hack. Super Brainz is going to teach the plants about science.
Interdimensional ZombieH x3 Cosmic ScientistH x3 Cryo-BrainH x3 Teleportation ZombieH x3 Zombot Drone EngineerH x3
ElectricianH x3 Kite FlyerH x3 Rocket ScienceH x3 Wormhole GatekeeperH x3 Mad ChemistH x3
Gadget ScientistH x3 Zombot Aerostatic GondolaH x3 Zombot Sharktronic SubH x2 Zombot Plank WalkerH x2

Super BrainzH The Grave Wall (created by ByeGuys)

PvZH Brainy Icon PvZH Sneaky Icon
Teleport your gravestones in!
Headstone CarverH x4 TeleportH x3 Teleportation ZombieH x4 Swashbuckler ZombieH x3 Monkey SmugglerH x3
Line Dancing ZombieH x3 Stealthy ImpH x2 Smelly ZombieH x2 Zombie High DiverH x4 Captain FlamefaceH x3
Mixed-Up GravediggerH x3 Zombot Plank WalkerH x2 Tomb Raiser ZombieH x2

Super BrainzH Frosty Science (BUDGET) (created by TheMajesticStork)

PvZH Brainy Icon PvZH Sneaky Icon
This is my new budget deck for Super Brainz. After toying around, trying to figure out how to build a unique SB Gravestone deck, it finally hit me. Gravestones, science, and freezing. When you look at the Science tribe, you figure out that some of its core cards have the Gravestone trait. Same for freezing but to a lesser extent. Most of your Zombies will have low Strength when played, thus Barrel of Barrels helps with surprise removal and synergizes with Dr. Spacetime, who also Conjures cards. Frosty Mustache also works well with him. Graveyard/Headstone Carver turns all your turn 2 Gravestones in tempo-magical monsters while Surprise Gargantuar turns on the heat.
GraveyardH x4 Headstone CarverH x4 Barrel of BarrelsH x3 Dr. SpacetimeH x4 Frosty MustacheH x3
Ice PirateH x4 Monkey SmugglerH x4 Zombot Drone EngineerH x4 Kite FlyerH x4 Gadget ScientistH x3
Surprise GargantuarH x3

Super BrainzH Frosty Science (created by TheMajesticStork)

PvZH Brainy Icon PvZH Sneaky Icon
Experience the full thing with the Frosty Science deck! This is obviously better with Huge-Giganticus. Super Brainz is just more budget friendly, which is why I didn't really talk about HG too much in the previous deck. Anyways, the addition of Cryo-Yeti emphasizes the power of Freeze. Pogo Bouncer gets pesky plants out of the way for your huge Zombies to hit. Space Cowboy might look like a strange Zombie to include, but put it in a Graveyard along with a Headstone Carver or two on the field, and you'll be racking up destruction slowly yet surely.
GraveyardH x4 Headstone CarverH x4 Dr. SpacetimeH x4 Frosty MustacheH x4 Ice PirateH x4
Zombot Drone EngineerH x4 Kite FlyerH x3 Pogo BouncerH x4 Space CowboyH x3 Cryo-YetiH x3
Gadget ScientistH x3

Super BrainzH Blob and Tricks (created by TheMajesticStork)

PvZH Brainy Icon PvZH Sneaky Icon
Here's a fun way to play a Blob deck. You can go in three routes: ramp all the way to OTK Blob, spam tricks to activate Trick-or-Treater and Mad Chemist, or just do both! I recommend route 3 though. Buried Treasure controls dangerous Turn 1 plays and gives you a cheaper Legendary that you can use later in the game. You can play Swabbie in Medulla Nebula, and evolve Blob on it for a huge boost. Dr. Spacetime cheapens your Conjured tricks even more. Parasol Zombie protects your tricky Zombies from tricky threats.
SwabbieH x3 Buried TreasureH x3 Smoke BombH x3 Beam Me UpH x4 Dr. SpacetimeH x4
Lurch for LunchH x3 Brain VendorH x3 Medulla NebulaH x3 Trick-or-TreaterH x3 Zom-BlobH x4
Mad ChemistH x3 Parasol ZombieH x4
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