This article contains the various community-built decks for Rose in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. You are free to add your decks, but please refer to the rules page first.

RoseH The Magical Fruit (created by Lily8763cp)

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Using bean teammates to not only power up the Bean Counters, but will also deal damage to the zombie hero using Admiral Navy Beans. Rescue Radishs will allow you to bounce a bean, letting the player play beans twice and Sow Magic Beans give the player even more bean teammates. Cattails, Whack-a-Zombie, Water Balloons and Navy Beans can also be used to protect Admiral Navy Beans planted in the water (and other plants in general) while Jumping Beans and Spring Beans not only power Bean Counters and let Admiral Navy Beans attack, but can remove any annoying zombies in the way. Two 2nd-Best Taco of All Times are also added for healing if needed.
Admiral Navy BeanH x4 Weenie BeanieH x4 Sage SageH x2 Sow Magic BeansH x4 Water BalloonsH x2
2nd-Best Taco of All TimeH x2 Rescue RadishH x3 Spring BeanH x4 Whack-a-ZombieH x3 Bean CounterH x2
Navy BeanH x3 Jumping BeanH x3 Laser BeanH x2

RoseH Flora Flunker (created by GamesterD)

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This deck contains many flower plants. Fire the flowery power to get the good stuff faster than all others.
SunflowerH x4 SnowdropH x4 Iceberg LettuceH x4 BellflowerH Morning GloryH x4
Power FlowerH x4 Metal Petal SunflowerH x4 Twin SunflowerH x2 Briar RoseH x4 2nd-Best Taco of All TimeH x2
Magnifying GrassH x2 CornucopiaH x2

RoseH Freeze Rose (created by PvZTryHard)

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After much testing this is what I believe to be is the most consistent freeze deck for Rose. The thing I've discovered and is interesting about the mulligan process is that in the early game players will give rose respect and not play a zombie for fear of the freeze combo this is what we take advantage of and keeping 3 drops like Rescue Radish and Vanilla are all pretty viable. The beauty of Rescue Radish is that its great on turn 3 when you have no plants and later on we could bounce back our "When played" cards like Chilly Pepper, Brainana, and The Greaat Zucchini. However, if we have freezing in our hand or snow drop we obviously want to keep that. Against Gravestone decks Snow pea is a good keep to combat the inevitable Swashbuckler, against crazy decks water balloons are a good keep to kill off low health minions, and snapdragon could be a good keep to combat zombie heroes without nibble or plumber. These are all very good situational keeps but remember our top priority is freezing, and stalling for our late game finisheres. Most games with this deck will go to the late game and that's where we rely on our Great Zucchini or Cornucopia to finish the game. Don't underestimate snowdrop however, it very well could be our win condition along with Power Flower if our opponent has no removal in hand but snowdrop is more of a distraction for our opponent that they have to deal with in the meanwhile before we get to the late game.
SnowdropH x4 Iceberg LettuceH x4 Snow PeaH x3 Chilly PepperH x4
Rescue RadishH x2 VanillaH x2 2nd-Best Taco of All TimeH x3
Water BalloonsH x3 Whack-a-ZombieH x2 SnapdragonH x3 SquashH x2 BrainanaH x2
Power FlowerH x3 The Great ZucchiniH x2 CornucopiaH x1

RoseH Freeze power version 1. (created by Iamarepeater)

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At first glance, this deck looks similar to PvZTryHard's "Freeze Rose" deck. However, the way you use this deck is different from that deck. For your information, I tested this a lot on ranked in the early diamond league. It has fared kinda well. To use this deck effectively, you need to keep either your snowdrops and/or your mayflowers alive. Depending on your play style, you might want to either freeze zombies to buff your snowdrops and play mayflowers as a distraction or vice versa. Here's the list of each plant and their purpose in this deck. (As to why I call this version 1, I didn't have winter melon as when I made this card deck but this deck works surprisingly well. If I do add that plant, it may disrupt the deck synergy so it must have its own deck)
  1. Iceberg Lettuce (Used to buff snowdrops and to destroy zombies if a winter squash is currently in play.)
  2. Snowdrop (One of your two crucial plants in this deck)
  3. Snow Pea (An early way to freeze zombies. Also very cheap)
  4. Water Balloons (Well, stat reduction of zombies never hurt plant hero)
  5. Chilly Pepper (like Iceberg Lettuce but you can also defend a lane)
  6. Mayflower (Your other crucial plant. She is going to supply you with extra cards and can also distract the zombie hero)
  7. Spring Bean (A nice way to wipe clean those buffs that zombie earned)
  8. Whack-a-Zombie (You need this to eliminate weak strength zombies. They may cause your downfall if you don't bring this)
  9. Carrotillery (Huge damage giver)
  10. Lawnmower (A cheaper squash that works only on ground lanes)
  11. Winter Squash (A nice way to kill zombies anywhere for just 1 sun, Iceberg Lettuce. He can tank a few hits so he can last a few turns before dying unless he gets hit by deadly)
  12. Squash (Use this if you don't have any other instant-kill options)
  13. Brainana (because who likes getting tricked?)
Iceberg LettuceH x4 SnowdropH x4 Snow PeaH x4 Water BalloonsH Chilly PepperH x4
MayflowerH x3 Spring BeanH x3 Whack-a-ZombieH x4 CarrotilleryH x2 LawnmowerH x1
Winter SquashH x4 SquashH x4 BrainanaH x1

RoseH Flower Blaster (created by Honeyfungus)

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This deck is a flower deck which can help controlling the field while gaining sun to plant strong plants earlier. If you don't have the legendary plants i had listed, add other flowers instead. (Any of them! Add whatever you like.) Add 2 Metal Petal Sunflower and 1 Bloomerang if you don't have Witch Hazel
SpyrisH x3 SportacusH x2 VanillaH x2 MayflowerH x3 Witch HazelH x3
Sun-ShroomH x2 BloomerangH x2 Cosmic FlowerH x2 Magnifying GrassH x2 Briar RoseH x3
Power FlowerH x3 ToadstoolH x3 Three-Headed ChomperH x1 Astro VeraH x1 Spring BeanH x2
Solar WindsH x2 2nd-Best Taco of All TimeH x2 SquashH x2

RoseH Cyclerose (BUDGET) (created by TheMajesticStork)

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Below is the non-budget version of this deck! Make sure to check out that one if you have the cards to supply it! This deck is just like Cyclecap. But because this is Rose, you don't swarm, you control. It's just like my budget version of Cyclecap, with some beans on the side. Except, because of the absence of Sonic Bloom, our replacement will be Sportacus. Now, I promised no Super-Rares, but Cyclerose here won't accept that rule, and thus we will be running 4 copies of Sow Magic Beans. No Legendaries though! Keep shuffling them Magic Beanstalks in your deck, and Admiral Navy Bean will keep dishing out damage and drawing you cards. Or Sportacus could be doing that, who knows. As long as they're in a Planet of the Grapes and you have their respective activators ready, then you'll be fine. Sportacus is useless against non-trick decks on the Zombies side, however, but so far I haven't seen a Zombie deck without Tricks.
Jumping BeanH x2 Spring BeanH x3 Admiral Navy BeanH x4 Whack-a-ZombieH x2 Planet of the GrapesH x4
LawnmowerH x2 Cosmic BeanH x3 SportacusH x4 Water BalloonsH x3 Sow Magic BeansH x4
SquashH x4 Iceberg LettuceH x4 ElderberryH x1

RoseH Cyclerose (created by TheMajesticStork)

PvZH Smarty Icon PvZH Solar Icon
The budget version of this deck is above! Although, if you have already it, you might not have to read this. If you don't have the cards to supply this deck, then be sure to use the budget version instead! Now that this version of Cyclerose doesn't have limits instead of the budget version, we can finally work with the cards that makes the Smarty part of Cyclecap work! So this is how it goes: Turn 1, Admiral Navy Bean. Unless you're unsure about its safety, never play it in the water lane. Turn 2, Lima-Pleurodon and another Admiral Navy Bean, control, double ANB, double LP, or Sow Magic Beans! If you don't have any of the combos in your hand, go for control. Turn 3, Planet of the Grapes! Put it wherever Admiral Navy Bean is. If you don't have ANB in the ground lane, don't have ANB at all, or don't have PotG in your hand, go for Sportacus, or keep controlling. Turn 4, it's time to cycle! Put your defenses up, and every bean you play always has backup. Never run out of cards to cycle through with an endless supply of Magic Beanstalks, sponsored by Sow Magic Beans and Lima-Pleurodon! Your late game touch is full of Legendary beasts that roam the battlefield.
Lima-PleurodonH x3 Admiral Navy BeanH x4 SportacusH x3 Planet of the GrapesH x4 Sow Magic BeansH x4
Cosmic BeanH x3 Spring BeanH x4 LawnmowerH x2 Bean CounterH x2 The Great ZucchiniH x1
Whack-a-ZombieH x2 Dark Matter DragonfruitH x1 CornucopiaH x1 BrainanaH x1 Iceberg LettuceH x2
SquashH x2 Shrinking VioletH x1

RoseH Sunpower (created by ByeGuys)

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Go-Nuts buffs your flowers, so what is the point of its Primal version?
Go-NutsH x4 Snake GrassH x3 SunflowerH x3 Laser CattailH x4 Kernel-PultH x4
Twin SunflowerH x4 Solar WindsH x4 Sun-ShroomH x4 Shrinking VioletH x2 Lil' BuddyH x2
Bog of EnlightenmentH x2 Cosmic BeanH x4

RoseH Bouncing Beans (created by EvoSwag)

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Super Brainz had a bounce deck, why not Rose? Between the bouncing and removal Rose brings to the table, your opponent will have a full hand and an empty board until you can obliterate your foes with an army of beans!
Admiral Navy BeanH x4 Lima-PleurodonH x4 Kernel-PultH x3 Grave MistakeH x4 Cosmic BeanH x4
Whack-a-ZombieH x3 Spring BeanH x4 Shrinking VioletH x4 Jelly BeanH x4 Jumping BeanH x4
Sap-FlingH x2

RoseH Jolly Holly's Feastivus (created by zcgreen2005)

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This is a chilly deck that will freeze Zombies in their tracks! During Feastivus, a brand new card was added to the Plant side of the battle. She is always in a good mood, even when she's fighting Zombies. Jolly Holly is an Amphibious card who freezes Zombies in the lanes next door when played, and is a great compliment to a strong freeze deck both for control and buffing up a Snowdrop. If you missed Feastivus, don't worry. Jolly Holly should be available next year around the same time. Also, look for Mayflower during Fall Food Fight.
2nd-Best Taco of All TimeH x1 BrainanaH x2 Chilly PepperH x4 CornucopiaH x1 Iceberg LettuceH x4
Jolly HollyH x4 MayflowerH x1 Power FlowerH x2 Rescue RadishH x2 SnapdragonH x2
Snow PeaH x4 SnowdropH x4 The Great ZucchiniH x1 Water BalloonsH x1 Whack-a-ZombieH x1
Winter MelonH x2 Winter SquashH x4

RoseH Legendary Legendary! (created by Botor Won)

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The most great deck in PvZH game! This deck can fit so many Legendaries on it. Legendaries and Heal is the best combo everyone that don't know.
Twin SunflowerH x4 Solar WindsH x3 2nd-Best Taco of All TimeH x3 Ketchup MechanicH x3 Briar RoseH x3
AloesaurusH x4 Bird of ParadiseH x4 BrainanaH x4 Cob CannonH x4 Astro VeraH x4
Dark Matter DragonfruitH x4
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