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This article contains the various Community-built decks for Neptuna in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. You're free to add your decks, but please refer to the rules page first.

NeptunaH Knock-out Plants (created by Perin.evrankaya.3)

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This deck relies on getting rid of plants fast to strike the Hero. To do that, there are strong zombies with high health/strength or armor, moving tricks, deadly zombies, and bounces. Using the Arm Wrestler can help keep the lane clear, and Terrify can move a plant to a zombie that can kill it. You also have Medic to heal damaged teammates or your Hero.
Arm WrestlerH x3 Rolling StoneH x2 Smoke BombH x2 Sumo WrestlerH x3 Flag ZombieH x2
Team MascotH x2 Pogo BouncerH x3 Smelly ZombieH x2 MedicH x2 Knight of the Living DeadH x2
TerrifyH x2 ConeheadH x2 BucketheadH x2 Weed SprayH x2 Line Dancing ZombieH x1
Coffee ZombieH x1 Surprise GargantuarH x2 Rodeo GargantuarH x2 Fishy ImpH x3

NeptunaH Gravestone Neptuna (created by PvZTryHard)

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This deck is one of the best zombie decks against a lot of matchups expect strikethrough Solar Flare and Chompzilla. Even then smelly zombie, and pogo bouncer should take care of these threats with little problem. The early game you want to KEEP HEADSTONE CARVER, he is the zombie that creates the snowball of damage you will be creating. Ideally the perfect hand would be Headstone carver, Swashbuckler, Sumo, and Weed Spray. There is no toxic waste imp synergy in this deck but we keep them in the deck in order to have water presence and it can force opponents to play around it. Zombie king is good because the gravestones we play are protected until revealed and many of them can help zombie king survive like pogo bouncing a plant that would kill the king and turning pogo into a knight which is one of the deadly combos featured. Mixed up grave digger can be a hit or miss but can be really effective when unchallenged pogo bouncers and landscapers are up refreshing their health and abilities. Gravedigger can also be detrimental if you have a buffed swashbuckler or various zombies with no special effect which in this case he is a dead card.
Camel CrossingH x3 Headstone CarverH x4 Rolling StoneH x1 Sumo WrestlerH x4 Swashbuckler ZombieH x4
Toxic Waste ImpH x2 LandscaperH x4 Smelly ZombieH x4 Weed SprayH x3 Pogo BouncerH x3
Zombie KingH x2 Mixed-Up GravediggerH x1 Surprise GargantuarH x4

NeptunaH Of Gargs and Graves (created by Tecku)

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This deck makes use of both Gravestones and Gargantuars, a rare combination that few other heroes can use effectively. The main strategy is to use either the Headstone Carver to boost your Gravestone zombies or to use the Gargologist to get Gargantuar cards out early. If both are used, a boosted Surprise Gargantuar can be played as early as the third turn. As with all Neptuna decks, secrecy will be the player's ally. Attempt to predict what the enemy's next move will be based on their hero, and lay down zombies accordingly. Pogo Bouncer and Zombot Stomp can bounce Mega-Grow plants that get too big. Sumo Wrestler and Terrify can be used to clear lanes or protect other zombies. Coffee Zombie and Possessed can give the Gargs Frenzy, and amphibious zombies cover the water lane.
Headstone CarverH x4 GargologistH x4 Fishy ImpH x2 Toxic Waste ImpH x2 Sumo WrestlerH x3
TerrifyH x2 LandscaperH x3 Weed SprayH x2 Pogo BouncerH x3 Surprise GargantuarH x4
Walrus RiderH x2 Coffee ZombieH x2 Rodeo GargantuarH x4 Zombot StompH x2 Zombot Plank WalkerH x1

NeptunaH Cowboy Control (created by NgThang)

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Move Plants to perilous positions by Sumo Wrestler and Terrify, while remove threats by Backyard Bounce and Rolling Stone. Coffee Zombie gives your zombies a huge buff, then Space Cowboy and Mixed-Up Gravedigger will do the rest.
Arm WrestlerH x4 Black HoleH x4 Sumo WrestlerH x4 LandscaperH x3 Rolling StoneH x4
Backyard BounceH x4 Coffee ZombieH x2 TerrifyH x3 Space CowboyH x4 Mixed-Up GravediggerH x4
Escape through TimeH x4

NeptunaH Neptuna Professionals (created by Honeyfungus)

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This deck is used for boosting professional zombies health as well as moving them around to avoid being killed or do serious damage. Use other professionals zombies if you don't have Space Cowboy.
Zombie Middle ManagerH x4 Planetary GladiatorH x3 Flag ZombieH x3 Jurassic FossilheadH x2 Sumo WrestlerH x2
StompadonH x2 Trash Can ZombieH x3 Rodeo GargantuarH x2 Mini-NinjaH x4 Pogo BouncerH x2
Space CowboyH x2 Camel CrossingH x2 Cone ZoneH x2 Going ViralH x1 Weed SprayH x2
Smoke BombH x4 Barrel of BarrelsH x2

NeptunaH Sneaky Sports (created by honeyfungus)

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Arm WrestlerH x3 Planetary GladiatorH x2 Sumo WrestlerH x4 StompadonH x2 Cosmic Sports StarH x2
Team MascotH x4 Zombie CoachH x3 Rodeo GargantuarH x4 Knight of the Living DeadH x3 Mini-NinjaH x2
Space CowboyH x2 Pogo BouncerH x3 Black HoleH x1 Weed SprayH x2 Going ViralH x1
Smoke BombH x3 Laser Base AlphaH x2

NeptunaH Getting to the Gargantuars (BUDGET) (created by TheMajesticStork)

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Neptuna fares really nicely, most often being called the best Gravestone hero and a great Gargantuar hero. Unfortunately, because this deck doesn't run Gargologist, we will turn this into a Control deck. Rolling Stone, Frosty Mustache, Backyard Bounce, Barrel of Barrels, and Terrify all help you stall until later in the game, where your Defensive Ends, Rodeo Gargantuars, Cursed Gargoliths, and Surprise Gargantuars bring pain onto the opponent. Seal the deal as these Gargantuars have health resets, just like they're immortal.
Frosty MustacheH x2 Backyard BounceH x4 TerrifyH x2 Sumo WrestlerH x4 Rolling StoneH x4
Barrel of BarrelsH x2 Defensive EndH x4 Cursed GargolithH x2 Rodeo GargantuarH x3 Surprise GargantuarH x4
Zombot StompH x2 Headstone CarverH x4 Blowgun ImpH x2

NeptunaH Wild Wild Cowboy (created by ByeGuys)

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Space Cowboy, with enough buffs, is a one turn gg. Space Cowboy on Lost Colloseum, in fact, is enough. Please replace Cards 6 to 10 with other early game stuff coz i am bad at tempo and control in early game
Space CowboyH x4 Escape through TimeH x4 Lost ColosseumH x4 Smoke BombH x4 Healthy TreatH x4
Zombot StompH x2 Arm WrestlerH x4 Going ViralH x4 Frosty MustacheH x4 FirefighterH x4
Black HoleH x4 LandscaperH x2

NeptunaH Conjured from the Deep (created by EvoSwag)

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Neptuna's Sneaky/Hearty matchup is often overshadowed for its conjuring abilities, but today it gets the spotlight! All the things you love about Sneaky conjure with the added bonus of Hearty removal makes for a deadly combo of conjuring craziness!
Black HoleH x3 Rolling StoneH x3 Smoke BombH x2 Buried TreasureH x4 Sumo WrestlerH x4
Dr. SpacetimeH x4 Barrel of BarrelsH x3 Raiding RaptorH x4 Weed SprayH x2 KnockoutH x3
Pogo BouncerH x4 Chum ChampionH x2 Zombot Sharktronic SubH x2
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