This article contains the various community-built decks for Huge-Gigantacus in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. You are free to add your decks, but please refer to the rules page first. Do note that Huge-Gigantacus leads the same classes as Super Brainz, hence a lot of Super Brainz decks can be used for Huge-Gigantacus.

Huge-GigantacusH.png RNGezus (created by FryEmUp)

PvZH Brainy Icon.png PvZH Sneaky Icon.png
This is a Luck deck for Huge-Gigantacus. (Source: "RNGezus Is Back! (Mad Highlights In Every Game)", posted to YouTube by FryEmUp on February 18th, 2018.)
Barrel of BarrelsH.png x4 Buried TreasureH.png x4 Interdimensional ZombieH.png x4 Cosmic ScientistH.png x4 Dr. SpacetimeH.png x4
Evolutionary LeapH.png x4 Frosty MustacheH.png x2 Transformation StationH.png x4 Raiding RaptorH.png x4 Portal TechnicianH.png x4
Zombot Dinotronic MechasaurH.png x2

Huge-GigantacusH.png OTK Raptor (created by FryEmUp)

PvZH Brainy Icon.png PvZH Sneaky Icon.png
This is an OTK Raiding Raptor deck for Huge-Gigantacus. (Source: "The First Trickster Raptor Hybrid", posted to YouTube by FryEmUp on February 19th, 2018.)
Barrel of BarrelsH.png x4 Buried TreasureH.png x3 TeleportH.png x4 Dr. SpacetimeH.png x4 Lurch for LunchH.png x3
Regifting ZombieH.png x4 Backyard BounceH.png x2 Fun-Dead RaiserH.png x3 Raiding RaptorH.png x4 Rocket ScienceH.png x2
Thinking CapH.png x3 TricksterH.png x4

Huge-GigantacusH.png Neutron Mime Garg (created by FryEmUp)

PvZH Brainy Icon.png PvZH Sneaky Icon.png
This is a Neutron Imp Gargantuar Mime deck for Huge-Gigantacus. (Source: "SOMEBODY TOUCHA MY BAGUETTE", posted to YouTube by FryEmUp on February 26th, 2018.)
GraveyardH.png x4 Dr. SpacetimeH.png x3 Ice PirateH.png x3 Lurch for LunchH.png x2 Neutron ImpH.png x4
Zombot Drone EngineerH.png x4 ElectricianH.png x4 Excavator ZombieH.png x4 Laser Base AlphaH.png x4 Parasol ZombieH.png x4
Gargantuar MimeH.png x4

Huge-GigantacusH.png Freeze Pirates (created by FryEmUp)

PvZH Brainy Icon.png PvZH Sneaky Icon.png
This is a Freeze Pirate deck for Huge-Gigantacus. (Source: "Frozen Pirates Be Like... SHIVER ME TIMBERS!", posted to YouTube by FryEmUp on March 2nd, 2018.)
Buried TreasureH.png x4 GraveyardH.png x2 Ice PirateH.png x4 Swashbuckler ZombieH.png x4 Teleportation ZombieH.png x4
Captain FlamefaceH.png x4 Excavator ZombieH.png x2 Pogo BouncerH.png x4 Unthawed VikingH.png x4 Cryo-YetiH.png x4
Shieldcrusher VikingH.png x4

Huge-GigantacusH.png Ramp Gondola (created by FryEmUp)

PvZH Brainy Icon.png PvZH Sneaky Icon.png
This is a Ramp Zombot Aerostatic Gondola deck for Huge-Gigantacus. (Source: "Ramp to Gondola (Highlight Central)", posted to YouTube by FryEmUp on May 24th, 2018.)
Buried TreasureH.png x4 Interdimensional ZombieH.png x4 TeleportH.png x4 Dr. SpacetimeH.png x4 Teleportation ZombieH.png x4
Line Dancing ZombieH.png x4 Medulla NebulaH.png x4 Pogo BouncerH.png x4 Mixed-Up GravediggerH.png x4 Zombot Aerostatic GondolaH.png x4

Huge-GigantacusH.png Conjure Imps (created by FwogcarfYT)

PvZH Brainy Icon.png PvZH Sneaky Icon.png
This deck is specifically designed to win in two ways. One is to overwhelm your opponent with Imps, including Toxic Waste Imp. The other way to win is to "conjure the win condition" with Buried Treasure or the other conjuring cards in this deck.
Buried TreasureH.png x4 ImposterH.png x2 Neutron ImpH.png x1 Beam Me UpH.png x4 Dr. SpacetimeH.png x4
Frosty MustacheH.png x4 Imp-Throwing ImpH.png x4 Teleportation ZombieH.png x3 Toxic Waste ImpH.png x3 Medulla NebulaH.png x4
Raiding RaptorH.png x1 Space CowboyH.png x3 Thinking CapH.png x3

Huge-GigantacusH.png Cheapened Plans (Planes abaratados) (created by BonkyChoiSE)

PvZH Brainy Icon.png PvZH Sneaky Icon.png
While that Plant Hero is trying to get something useful; you can do it, but faster due to Dr. Spacetime, Nedulla Nebula, Brain Vendor and Gentleman Zombie, and better thanks to Dr. Spacetime, Portal Technician, and more. Just wait for your Bad Moon Rising and Zombot Sharktronic Sub for the victory dance.
SwabbieH.png x2 Ducky Tube ZombieH.png x1 Cosmic ScientistH.png x2 Dr. SpacetimeH.png x2 Medulla NebulaH.png x3
Hot Dog ImpH.png x2 Toxic Waste ImpH.png x1 Imp CommanderH.png x1 Kite FlyerH.png x1 Fun-Dead RaiserH.png x1
Brain VendorH.png x4 Gentleman ZombieH.png x2 Cosmic ImpH.png x2 FirefighterH.png x1 TriplicationH.png x4
Tomb Raiser ZombieH.png x2 Portal TechnicianH.png x3 Zombot Sharktronic SubH.png x1 Bad Moon RisingH.png x2 Zombot StompH.png x3

Huge-GigantacusH.png Ramp-Gigantacus (created by NgThang)

PvZH Brainy Icon.png PvZH Sneaky Icon.png
This ramp deck helps you play big threats early by a lot of good ramping cards.
Interdimensional ZombieH.png x4 Transformation StationH.png x4 Teleportation ZombieH.png x3 Brain VendorH.png x4 Cryo-BrainH.png
Medulla NebulaH.png x4 Cosmic ImpH.png x2 Kitchen Sink ZombieH.png x2 Bad Moon RisingH.png x4 Zombot Plank WalkerH.png x3
Rocket ScienceH.png x2 Space CowboyH.png x4

Huge-GigantacusH.png Big Time Rush (created by RandomzSunfish23901)

PvZH Brainy Icon.png PvZH Sneaky Icon.png
Overwhelm your opponents with these strong early game cards! Summon the power of the Mustache Monuments to double the damage. Reap what you sow with 12 cards that will make sure you never stop fighting. Smoke Bomb will guarantee your high-Strength zombies will wreck the Plant Hero.
Barrel of BarrelsH.png x3 Mini-NinjaH.png x4 Smoke BombH.png x4 Fire RoosterH.png x4 Fishy ImpH.png x4
Mustache MonumentH.png x4 Regifting ZombieH.png x3 Swashbuckler ZombieH.png x4 DuckstacheH.png x2 Imp CommanderH.png x4
Stealthy ImpH.png x4

Huge-GigantacusH.png Care for the Environment (BUDGET) (created by TheMajesticStork)

PvZH Brainy Icon.png PvZH Sneaky Icon.png
Take advantage of Huge-Giganticus' environment-friendly superpowers with this deck! Play turn 1 Graveyard followed by turn 2 Ice Pirate, and you'll have a free, cheap Freeze on Plants of your choosing. Moonwalker and Iron Boarder also enjoy hiding there! Trapper Zombie is a Gravestone that doesn't have the best stat distribution, but he possesses the ability to create an Environment that benefits your Zombies and damages all Plants inside of it - a win-win situation!
Ice PirateH.png x4 Trapper ZombieH.png x4 MoonwalkerH.png x4 Beam Me UpH.png x2 Barrel Roller ZombieH.png x2
Medulla NebulaH.png x4 GraveyardH.png x4 TriplicationH.png x3 Gentleman ZombieH.png x2 Neutron ImpH.png x2
Space PirateH.png x2 Hail-a-CopterH.png x2 Buried TreasureH.png x3 Kite FlyerH.png x3

Huge-GigantacusH.png Cryo-Death (created by ByeGuys)

PvZH Brainy Icon.png PvZH Sneaky Icon.png
Use Deadly to clear off plants, then freeze not only to disable them but also to buff Cryo-Yeti. Strikethrough effects from Laser Base Alpha and Ice Moon are also useful. If that is not enough, use Zombot Plank Walker.
SwabbieH.png x2 Smoke BombH.png x2 Chimney SweepH.png x2 Barrel of BarrelsH.png x4 Frosty MustacheH.png x4
Fire RoosterH.png x4 Unthawed VikingH.png x4 Ice PirateH.png x3 Brain VendorH.png x4 Medulla NebulaH.png x2
Cosmic ImpH.png x2 Laser Base AlphaH.png x3 Cryo-YetiH.png x4

Huge-GiganticusH.png EnvironMental Science (created by YoKaiShoubiao)

When Zombie Science explores exotic environments, victory is imminent! Moonwalker and Neutron Imp benefit from having lots of environments in play, and can have their strength boosted by Zombot Drone Engineer! Once you've taken over the field, seal the deal with Gadget Scientist.
Neutron ImpH.png x4 Beam Me UpH.png x2 Cosmic ScientistH.png x3 Dr. SpacetimeH.png x3 Frosty MustacheH.png x3
Zombot Drone EngineerH.png x4 Kite FlyerH.png x3 Laser Base AlphaH.png x4 Medulla NebulaH.png x4 MoonwalkerH.png x3
Rocket ScienceH.png x3 Gadget ScientistH.png x4
HD Imp Worker Wrench.png
They can be tough nuts to crack.
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