1This article contains the various community-built decks for Template:PvZHLink in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. You are free to add your decks, but please refer to the rules page first.

Brain FreezeH Pet Pack (created by Lily8763cp)

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This deck uses pet-themed zombies to their full strength, having Zookeeper increase other pet zombies' stats and Cat Lady getting stronger with every pet zombie played. There's also a good amount of tricks located as well, having Yeti Lunchboxes and Vitamin Zs for stat increases, Locust Swarm to get rid of annoying plants, Nibble to heal yourself and Smoke Bomb to let certain zombies escape a lane. Template:PvZHLinks and Dog Walkers are also in the deck to get an advantage early on in the game.
Dolphin RiderH x2 Walrus RiderH x3 Zombie ChickenH x2 Cat LadyH x4 ZookeeperH x4
Zombie YetiH x2 Yeti LunchboxH x2 Squirrel HerderH x2 Dog WalkerH x2 Pied PiperH x4
Locust SwarmH x2 Octo ZombieH x1 Vitamin ZH x3 NibbleH x3 Smoke BombH x4

Brain FreezeH Bounced Away (created by VeXJL)

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The deck mainly focuses on having zombies to stall until you get the powerful zombies. You can replace Octo Zombie and Zombot Plank Walker with Walrus Rider because of the lack of availability.
Dog WalkerH x4 NibbleH x4 Haunting ZombieH x1 Pied PiperH x4 Backyard BounceH x4
Smelly ZombieH x4 Stealthy ImpH x2 Pogo BouncerH x4 Locust SwarmH x4 Smashing GargantuarH x2
Surprise GargantuarH x2 Deep Sea GargantuarH x1 Zombot StompH x2 Octo ZombieH x1 Zombot Plank WalkerH x1

Brain FreezeH Pet For All

PvZH Sneaky Icon PvZH Beastly Icon
This deck is good for beginners, most cards are not hard to find but some may take time. This deck focus on pets. This decks feature boosting cards like Zookeeper and Cat Lady, even cheap cards can be a threat.
ZookeeperH x4 Dolphin RiderH x2 Pied PiperH x2 Locust SwarmH x4 Fishy ImpH x2
Zombie ChickenH x3 Dog WalkerH x3 Squirrel HerderH x2 Kangaroo RiderH x2 VimpireH x2
Alien OozeH x4 Cosmic YetiH x2 Walrus RiderH x2 Cat LadyH x2 Vitamin ZH x2
Zombot Sharktronic SubH x1 Octo ZombieH x1
Brain FreezeH Whenever (created by BonkyChoySE)

PvZH Sneaky Icon PvZH Beastly Icon
For the first 3 turns we have cheap yet effective Zombies and an eclipse, the forth turn you can destroy a plant with cheese, sneeze to reduce the mushrooms and block healing, clog a lane or use vimpirism, for the rest of he game you have Gargantuars, Zombots and a yeti.
Fraidy CatH x2 Barrel of BarrelsH x2 Ducky Tube ZombieH x1 Dr. SpacetimeH x2 Total EclipseH x2
Energy Drink ZombieH x1 Imp-Throwing ImpH x2 Hover-Goat 3000H x1 Area 22H x1 Laser Base AlphaH x1
LoudmouthH x1 Imp CommanderH x1 Primordial Cheese ShoverH x2 Ancient VimpireH x1 Overstuffed ZombieH x1
Sneezing ZombieH x1 100px x1 Smashing GargantuarH x2 Surprise GargantuarH x2 Maniacal LaughH x1
Deep Sea GargantuarH x2 Cursed GargolithH x3 Zombot Aerostatic GondolaH x2 Zombot Sharktronic SubH x2 Zombot StompH x2
Zombot Plank WalkerH x1 Zombot 1000H
Brain FreezeH Legendary (created by Shpore)

PvZH Sneaky Icon PvZH Beastly Icon
This deck was created by Captain Hack. Remember that this contains mostly late-game legendary zombies, so you can't play anything until Turn 4.
Interstellar Bounty HunterH x4 Space CowboyH x4 100px x4 Mixed-Up GravediggerH x4 Supernova GargantuarH x4
Zombot Sharktronic SubH x4 Nurse GargantuarH x4 Octo ZombieH x4 Zombot Plank WalkerH x4 Zombot 1000H x4
Brain FreezeH Pet-a-Palooza (created by Shadowpea)

PvZH Sneaky Icon PvZH Beastly Icon
A deck full of pets. Thanks to the new, improved Goat, we can defeat the opposing hero with ease. Synergize you pets with Zookeeper and Cat Lady while Cosmic Yeti restocks your pet supply.
GoatH x4 Barrel of BarrelsH x4 Cat LadyH x4 Cheese CutterH x4 Secret AgentH x2
Fire RoosterH x4 Hunting GroundsH x4 Killer WhaleH x2 Monkey SmugglerH x4 ZookeeperH x4
Cosmic YetiH x4 Primordial Cheese ShoverH x2
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