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Commercial Break is an upcoming ability for the TV Head in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. When activated, TV Head will place a bucket with a remote inside on the ground in front of them. When TV Head is vanquished, they will respawn where the bucket was placed. Its plant counterpart is Wild Life.

Only one bucket can exist at a time, buckets placed can be destroyed by enemy plants.


Its name is a reference to a commercial break, which is an interruption during broadcasting where advertisements are broadcast.


Place your next respawn location with a bucket.

Associated upgrades

Perk Awareness.png
Channel Blocker Stalker
Commercial BreakBfN.png
Reveal the enemy who destroys your Commercial Break bucket

The spotting effect lasts for 5 seconds.
Perk Health.png
Drop in the Bucket
Commercial BreakBfN.png
Additional health for Commercial Break bucket.

Increases Commercial Break bucket health from 30 to 125 points.



You can use this ability to allow you to respawn closer to the objective, or enemy spawn points, allowing you to save time on approaching those places and plan out attacks. When placing the bucket, be sure to observe your surroundings and place it in places that the enemy can easily miss, such as building corners or well-camouflaged spots. This makes it less likely for them to destroy the bucket.

The Channel Blocker Stalker upgrade, while seemingly not very useful at first, is great for Battle Arena as it allows you to see the enemy's position if they destroy it. Simply place them in obvious spots and don't try to hide it. In most cases, the enemy will unknowingly destroy the bucket, revealing their position, and you or your teammates can approach and kill them. Because you can't respawn in this mode anyway, this is the only way to make the ability useful.


The bucket will emit some blue signal effects as well as a Morse code-like noise when placed. Listen carefully for this particular audio cue and find the direction of where it came from. If the bucket is placed too close to the objective or your spawn point, then you may destroy them without having to worry about your position getting revealed, as it is less riskier than letting them spawn near that spot.

In Battle Arena, never try to destroy the buckets, as you'll never know whether or not the enemy is using the Channel Blocker Stalker upgrade. Destroying the bucket in this mode isn't very useful anyway, as it only gives you a small amount of XP.


  • Using this to respawn rewards you XP for having a "good hiding spot".

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