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[[Category:Super Rare variants]]
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[[Category:Rare variants]]
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Commando Pea is a Super Rare (Rare in Garden Warfare 2) variant of Peashooter in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. Commando Pea's primary weapon, Full-Auto Pea, deals less damage (6-9-12 instead of 27-30-37) and has a decreased bullet size and no splash damage, but has increased fire rate (fully automatic instead of semi-automatic), faster projectile speed (fast instead of medium) and elevated ammo capacity (25 to 30 instead of 10 to 12).


Stickerbook description

The Commando Pea grew up in the jungles and is the toughest pea there is-a one Peashooter army that will never run from a fight.

In-game description

His fully automatic, direct-damage style makes him stand out from the crowd.

AI Health (GW2 only)

Easy: 75

Normal: 100

Hard: 125


Primary weapon

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

The Full-Auto Pea is the primary weapon of the Commando Pea; all facts below apply to a fully upgraded weapon.

  • The close range damage per hit base and critical is 12.
  • The max DPS at close range is 72.0.
  • The middle range damage per hit base and critical is 9.
  • The max DPS at middle range is 54.0.
  • The long range damage per hit base and critical is 6.
  • The max DPS at long range is 36.0.
  • The weapon deals no splash damage at all.
  • The ammo in a clip is 30.
  • The reload time is 2.0 seconds.
  • The projectile speed is medium.
  • The weapon is full auto.
  • The bloom is low.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

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The Commando Pea's primary weapon is the Full-Auto Pea. As its name suggests, it is a fully automatic weapon that deals 6 to 10 impact damage and 6 to 11 critical damage depending on the distance. Since it is a fully automatic weapon, the other variants of the Peashooter, he will not deal any splash damage at all.


Chili Bean Bomb

Launches a Chili Bean Bomb, which explodes after a short amount of time and deals 175 damage. It attracts all nearby Spawnable Zombies, making it a way to vanquish lots of zombies quickly.

Pea Gatling

With Pea Gatling, the Peashooter roots into the ground, has 100 ammo to fire continuously against the zombies.


Hyper enables the Peashooter to accelerate and jump higher. This can help with both defense and offense.

Sombrero Bean Bomb

An alternate ability of Chili Bean Bomb, Sombrero Bean Bomb launches a Chili Bean Bomb wearing a sombrero that has a longer fuse than the normal Chili Bean Bomb, but in return, gives off 250 damage and a bigger explosion radius.

Retro Gatling

An alternate ability of Pea Gatling. With the Retro Gatling, the Peashooter roots itself into a special form of Pea Gatling. It has only 50 ammo and shoots slower but each ammo is stronger.

Super Pea Jump

Super Pea Jump allows the Peashooter to jump higher but does not get a speed boost.

Weapon upgrades


Information about Commando Pea's upgrades

Organic Plant Food

Grown from special organic plant food, the Commando Pea's reload time has now decreased.

Extended Pod

Extended pea pod clips allow for increased ammo capacity.

Full Pea Jacket Ammo

Homemade ammo is more dangerous and effective than standard pea ammo, of course.


The Commando Pea is the closest the Peashooter can get to matching the Foot Soldier in terms of primary weapon behavior. The Commando Pea is ideal for players who have good accuracy but have trouble leading their shots. Overall, due to his similarity with the Foot Soldier, players that are skilled with the Foot Soldier should have good thoughts about the Commando Pea. Just remember that the Commando Pea shoots slower, is less accurate, and has a lower damage per second value but on the contrary, he does not burn through his magazine as quickly, making reloads slightly less frequent.


The Commando Pea can be thought of as a Foot Soldier and All-Star breed with Peashooter abilities. With the trade off having 75 HP less health and less accuracy. Commando Pea, compared to the All-Star, does not take a time to begin firing, does not lower in speed while firing, can jump while firing, and does not take a time to fully stop firing before regaining speed. Compared to Foot Soldier, while less accurate, with more damage per bullet and a lower fire rate, he does not burn through his magazine as easily and makes less noise when firing.

The Commando Pea is basically a moving Pea Gatling. Fix your target on an unsuspecting zombie, and constantly shoot at it.

Commando Pea works well in ambush situations. Use your small size to your advantage and hide. Stay hidden and only strike one zombie at a time. Do not be afraid to take a hit, as an enemy is likely to flee before you do. Try getting close to zombies and using hyper when noticed to evade enemy shots.

It is wise to avoid long-range combat and instead get close before attacking. Never fight more than two zombies at a time unless you have a backup plan or you are receiving support from other plants. When playing this variant in Garden Warfare 2, it may be important to use the zoom upgrade, for the Commando Pea's close range weapon when facing an enemy from far away, though it may be not needed for the hyper ability.


Watch out for Commando Pea. Whether he is ambushing you or directly attacking him is a powerful foe. A 1v1 against him is the last thing you want, so try fighting him at long range where his primary weapon will lose a great deal of accuracy and thus become much less harmful. In close quarters, attack in teams, this will give you the edge since Commando Pea lacks skills to harm multiple Zombies other than Chili Bean Bomb.

Speed does not give you any real advantage as the sheer number of peas shot can easily compensate for misses but on the contrary, the lack of splash damage means that quick and erratic movement can allow you to gain the upper hand as misses will not deal any damage to you.

Balancing changes

Trouble in Zombopolis: Part Two DLC

  • Magazine capacity was increased from 25 to 30.
  • Damage falloff start distance was increased from 0 to 10.

November 2016 Patch

  • Projectile speed was increased from 250 to 350.
  • Recoil was decreased by around 30%.
  • Starting reticle size was decreased by 40%.



  • Two of his weapon upgrades are references to two weapon attachments from the Call of Duty franchise.
    • The "Extended Pod" upgrade references the Extended Mags attachment which increases clip size.
    • The "Full Pea Jacket Ammo" upgrade is based on the Full Metal Jacket Ammo attachment which increases wall penetration and bullet damage.
  • He lived in the jungle.
  • He has the smallest and the most cylinder-shaped mouth out of all the Peashooter variants.
  • Although most Peashooters have a rounded mouth, this is one of three Peashooter classes whose mouth is shaped like a gun. The other two are Law Pea and Agent Pea.
  • He has the same face paint as the Gatling Pea.
  • His bandana is made out of a banana peel.
  • He is one of the two plants in the game that have holes in their mouth. The other is the Camo Cactus.
    • Similarly, both are based on positions in the military.

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