Commando Corn is a Legendary variant of Kernel Corn in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 which was added in the Frontline Fighters DLC. He fires slower than the standard Kernel Corn, but his shots deal splash damage, similar to the Rugby Star. His Legendary mode is called 'Full Commando', and when it is activated Commando Corn's ammo clip will increase, from 20 to 50, as well as giving him increased speed. 


Stickerbook description

"Commando Corn leads the elite combat group known only as the Commando Crops. Raised and nurtured in the battlefield trenches, he's developed a fearsome battle prowess that has earned him respect among his peers. If you have a problem.... if no one else can help.... and if you can find him.... maybe you can hire.... Commando Corn."

In-game description

His fast firing baby corn rockets deal just enough splash damage to forgive a missed shot, and his Full Commando mode gives him extra ammo!


Sound Description
Full Commando Music

AI health

  • Easy: 90
  • Normal: 120
  • Hard: 150
  • CRAAAAZY: 180

Primary weapon

The primary weapon of the Commando Corn is the "Baby Corn Buster". It has a rather slow fire rate and has a clip size of 20. The reload speed is noticeably long. It makes up for these flaws with its high damage (dealing 15 damage per direct hit). It also deals 2 splash damage against Zombies.


Commando CornGW2.png
Full Commando
Commando Corn's unique legendary ability. Full Commando activates after Commando Corn manages to vanquish 5 zombies in a row. Upon activation, Commando Corn's body begins to burst with energy, and he instantly regains half of his HP. While Full Commando is active, Commando Corn's ammo clip increases by 30, he does 25% more damage, moves 50% faster and 25% damage resistance.
Left abilities
Butter BarrageGW2.png
Butter Barrage
Mark the danger zone with a steaming hot baked potato, then stand back as explosive butter rains from the sky!
Bigger Better ButterGW2.png
Bigger Better Butter
That's right, folks! Better Butter! Instead of lots of tiny buttery explosions, how about one massively huge one?
Center abilities
Husk HopGW2.png
Husk Hop
Unleash this surprisingly acrobatic maneuver as you leap over your problems, and rain down corn kernels on everything below.
Right abilities
Shuck ShotGW2.png
Shuck Shot
Charge your corn cobs until they're positively steaming, point at your target, and then ka-blam! Explosive corn fury.
More is usually better, so why not pelt your enemies with a full barrage of rapid fire explosive cobs.


Health Regeneration Delay.png
Health Regeneration Delay Upgrade

This upgrade decreases the delay before health regeneration begins!

Zoom Upgrade.png
Zoom Upgrade

This upgrade increases the zoom distance of your primary weapon!

Health Regeneration.png
Health Regeneration Upgrade

This upgrade increases how quickly your health regenerates!

Speed Upgrade.png
Speed Upgrade

This upgrade allows you to move faster!

Reload Upgrade

This upgrade decreases your reload time!

Ammo Upgrade.png
Ammo Upgrade

This upgrade increases the number of times you can fire before reloading!

Super Meter.png
Super Meter Upgrade

This upgrade allows you to fill your super meter faster!

Health Upgrade.png
Health Upgrade

This upgrade increases your maximum health!


Be aware that the Commando Corn's splash damage radius is not that big and will not account for a completely missed shot. His legendary meter also makes him more potent than other Kernel Corn variants, but the player needs to be very accurate with their shots. It is also good to go for bigger groups if you are farther away from the enemy because of its splash damage and good accuracy.


Although he may have a slower fire rate, Commando Corn can do what other Kernel Corn's variants cannot do: splash damage. With his splash damage, you can take on a group of zombies at once instead of vanquishing them one by one. Note that this only slightly injures Zombies that aren't directly hit by your shots. Aim for the biggest Zombie in the area as they are easiest to hit. For really accurate players, go for Imps whenever you can. Imps can get vanquish by 5 direct hits from your primary weapon. Make sure to reload every time you vanquish an enemy to ensure that you have enough ammo in your clip for your next target. Vanquishing normal AI Zombies and Zombie Turrets are great ways to quickly fill up your Legendary meter. If you manage to successfully fill your meter, DO NOT RELOAD AFTER EACH VANQUISH. Your magazine size increases from 20 to 50 for the duration of the Legendary meter, meaning that you have plenty of ammo to take on multiple Zombies.


Even though the Commando Corn has splash damage, he is more of a precision character. He only does big damage to you if he manages to directly hit you. Try to move unpredictably to make it hard for him to hit you. Note that his missed shots will probably damage you anyway (but only slightly). Ice variants are very effective against this plant as he is big and easy to hit.



  • Commando Corn's description references the opening theme of the A-Team: If you have a problem... if no-one else can help... and if you can find them... maybe you can hire... the A-Team.
  • Commando Corn's appearance may be based on equipment and uniforms used by special forces in many modern militaries; in particular bearing a somewhat striking resemblance to the equipment used by the United States' Military Assistance Command, Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group.
  • The can that holds the baby corns has a writing that says "MRE" on it. This stands for Meal, Ready-to-Eat, a self-contained, individual field ration in lightweight packaging for use in combat.
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