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Coins were a currency used in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, introduced in the 1.2.11 update. They were used as an alternative way of unlocking Basic Packs without the need of spending gems.

Coins were removed from the game in the 1.14.13 update, as the basic cards can now only be unlocked by unlocking classes.

Ways to earn Coins

Coins were earned at the end of each match. The outcome of the match and the mode played determined the number of coins the player was going to receive.

Regardless of the mode, each loss rewarded the player with 5PvZH Hero Coin Icon.png. The reward for winning a casual match was 10PvZH Hero Coin Icon.png, while winning a ranked match granted 20PvZH Hero Coin Icon.png. In the missions, the reward for winning a battle was 15PvZH Hero Coin Icon.png, while winning a boss battle granted 100PvZH Hero Coin Icon.png. Completing a private match against a friend, on the other hand, didn't grant any coins.

Coins disappeared completely once all the basic cards had been earned.

Ways to spend Coins

The only place where coins could be spent was at the store, and the only pack which could be bought with those was the Basic Pack, which contained three cards of the basic set.

Once the player had four copies of each basic card, a message would appear telling that all of the basic cards have been unlocked, and coins would completely disappear from the game, even the counter had gone away.


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