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Max coins

Players cannot get more coins from buildings when their coins reach max number.

Coins were a currency in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures that was used to grow plants and expand the Player's Town.

Earning methods

  • From buildings.
  • From surviving plants at the end of a level.
  • From leveling up.
  • From winning a Road Trip Level, the player gets a reward (that varies).
  • From completing a townsperson's challenge (varies).
  • From purchasing them with gems (see below).


Like Zombucks, coins could be bought with gems at a predetermined ratio.

Cost: 50 gems Cost: 100 gems Cost: 150 gems Cost: 250 gems Cost: 500 gems
500-Coins-50g 1100-coins-100g 1800-Coins-150g 3250-coins-250g 7000-Coins-500g
500 coins 1100 coins 1800 coins 3250 coins 7000 coins
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