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The silver coin

Coins are the in-game currency of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. They are used for buying Sticker Packs at the Sticker Shop, as well as buying abilities and customizations from Rux. Various actions in the middle of the round give coins to the player and coins are also given to the teams at the end of the round depending on how many actions the player did. Coins can also be purchased with real money.

Coin-based items and their value

These items appear when players accomplish certain actions such as opening chests, damaging and destroying Treasure Yetis and Marigolds, vanquishing Champions, etc.

Players collect them by simply going near them. They automatically convert into the coin currency when collected.

  • Gold Coin = 10
  • Money bag = 50
  • Diamond = 250


Doing these certain actions can yield coins as well:

Action Coins yielded
Garden Capture Assist 5
Vanquished Zombie 5
Capturing Objective 10
Destroyed Spikeweed 10
Grow A Plant 10
Healing 10
Multi-vanquish 10
Potato Mine Destroyed 10
Potted Plant Vanquish 10
Summoned Zombie Vanquish 10
Sonic Mine Destroyed 10
Teleporter used 10
Shield Destroyed 10
Summoned A Zombie 10
Tallnut Destroyed 10
Suppression Assist 10
Suburbination Bonus 10
Critical Vanquish 20
Vanquished Potted Plant 20
Assist 25
Cover Assist (Tallnut Battlements, Iron Maidens, Dummy Shields and Shield Decoys used as defenses by other members of the team to defeat enemies) 25
Heal Assist 25
Stun Assist 25
Shield-breaker 25
Crazy Orb Denied 25
Destroyed HealStation 25
Freeze Assist 25
Goop Assist 25
Gnome Armed by Teammate 25
Gnome Bomb Acquired 25
Perfect Wave 25
Player Vanquish 25
Smoke Screen 25
Stopped Enemy Vanquish Streak 25
Vanquished ZombieHero 25
Multi-Tackle 50
Bomber Vanquished 50
Cactus Drone Destroyed (Garlic Drone Destroyed before Garden Variety update) 50
Flying Zombot Destroyed 50
Garden Capture Vanquish 50
Gnome Armed 50
Plant Regrown 50
Saved An Ally 50
Vanquish Streak x2 50
Vanquished Nemesis 50
Vanquished Zombie Boss 50
Zombie Resurrection 50
Vanquish Streak x3 75
Crazy Orb Acquired 100
Defender Bonus 100
Teleporter Built 100
Garden Neutralized 100
Vanquish Streak x4 100
Garden Captured 200
Vanquish Streak x5 (or more) 200
1st Strike 250
Destroyed Crazy Dave/Dr. Zomboss (Xbox One, PS4 and PC versions only) 250
Corn Mortar Destroyed 250
Flax Cannon Destroyed 250
Tallnut Cannon Destroyed 250
Win Bonus (Gardens & Graveyards) 250
Win Bonus (Team Vanquish) 500
Hole In One 500
Gnome Detonated 500
Good Try Bonus 1000
Perfect Win Bonus 1000
Completion Bonus (Team Vanquish) 2000
Completion Bonus (Gardens & Graveyards) 2500


  • In pre-release videos, some coin amounts were different than the final version (such as Building Teleporter or getting an Assist).
  • In Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, most of the actions give experience points instead of these.
  • In Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, XP multipliers do not affect coin earnings; however, the Flag Of Power does affect the amount of coins earned.