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Coffee Bean (咖啡豆; kāfēidòu) is a plant in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. He is a common plant unlocked after completing Dark Ages - Night 13.

Because mushrooms are awake in the day, he is instead used to wake plants after Archmage Zombie affects them. He also now has a range of 3x3.

Almanac entry

咖啡豆 (Coffee Bean)
Sun cost: 75

AREA: 3x3



    In English:

    Coffee Bean wakes up sleeping plants and slightly increases their attack.

    Plant feature: short

    "Hey guys, get up to see God! " Coffee Bean likes to use the phrase of his favorite movie lines to ask them to wake people up. Not to mention really, this method is quite effective, at least each time his little friend opens his eyes to see the figure of a bird.


Only select Coffee Beans when you see the Archmage Zombie on the seed selection in Dark Ages levels. If you do not bring the Coffee Bean with you against Archmage Zombies, you must use Plant Food to wake up your plants. After that, remember to kill the Archmage Zombie as quickly as possible, as Coffee Bean has a slow recharge. However, imitating him can help wake up your stabilized plants quickly, so you do not have to wait for the original Coffee Bean timer to recharge.





  • Unlike the first game, it does not float in place in its idle animation. Instead, it rocks back and forth, moving its wings in and out.
  • Although he can float in midair, he cannot be planted on water on Big Wave Beach without Lily Pad, nor he can be planted in the sky in Sky City.
  • In this game, its design is based on its artwork from Plants vs. Zombies with the wings, closed mouth and no leaf.
  • He, Gatling PeaPlantern, Cattail, and Cob Cannon are the five returning plants from the first game exclusive to the Chinese version.

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