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For more information about the plant that this line is based on, see Coconut Cannon.

The Coconut line (椰子系; pinyin: bǔ yíng cǎo xì) is a Tenacious plant line in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars.

The line consists of Coconut Sniper (椰子狙击手; pinyin: yēzi jū jí shǒu), Coconut Cannon (椰子加农炮; pinyin: yēzi jiānóngpào), and Coconut Rocket Launcher (椰子火箭炮; pinyin: yēzi huǒjiànpào). All members of the line attack zombies when they get too close to them.

Coconut Sniper attacks zombies by shooting coconut milk droplets at them. Coconut Cannon attacks by shooting explosive coconuts. Coconut Rocket Launcher attacks zombies by shooting a big coconut rocket at them.


220px-Coconut face

All members of the Coconut line are based on the seed of the Cocos nucifera tree, more commonly known as the coconut tree. They are also based on military members or weapons.

The appearance of the first tier, Coconut Sniper, is based on the tradition of slicing off the apex of a coconut and drinking the milk through a straw.

The second tier, Coconut Cannon, is based on the plant with the same name and appearance from Plants vs. Zombies 2.


Coconut Sniper evolves into Coconut Cannon, and further evolves into Coconut Rocket Launcher.

Plant Food/Anger effect

Tier Effect Description
Coconut Cannon shoots a big explosive coconut, which explodes when it hits a zombie and deals damage to zombies in a 3x1 area, and somehow also deals damage to every zombie in its lane.
Cannon Away
Coconut Rocket now attacks once in two turns, dealing double damage to the target.


Coconut Sniper

Coconut Cannon

Old (Scrapped concept)

Coconut Rocket Launcher

Tropical Cannon

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The content in this section is archived. What it describes is not available anymore.

Tropical Cannon (热带炮; pinyin: rèdài pào) was a plant in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars. It no longer exists in the game, as it was replaced by Coconut Rocket Launcher.


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