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Cob Cannon in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

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Cob Cannon is a recurring character within the Plants vs. Zombies franchise. He is a massive corn cob that fires cobs at zombies for massive damage.

As of Plants vs. Zombies 3, Cob Cannon has appeared in five games.



Like Kernel-pult, Cob Cannon is based on the crop maize (Zea mays), also known as corn, a type of large grain plant.

He also resembles several types of rocket artillery, specifically ones that fire singular missiles. 


Plants vs. Zombies

Main article: Cob Cannon (PvZ)

Cob Cannon1.png

In the original Plants vs. Zombies game, as well as Chinese spin-off games based on it, Cob Cannon appears as an Upgrade plant, upgrading from two Kernel-pults planted directly next to each other.

The player can click on the Cob Cannon and can manually launch the corn cob onto an area that the player targets, dealing massive damage in a 3x3 area like a Cherry Bomb.

Cob Cannon has two achievements and a mini-game based after him.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Chinese version) (China only)

Main article: Cob Cannon (PvZ2C)

Cob Cannon2.png

Cob Cannon next appears in Plants vs. Zombies 2, but only in the Chinese version of the game as a monthly special plant. Like the first game, he is an Upgrade plant and works identically to the previous game.

His main upgrade makes the cooldown faster while their level 5 upgrade gives them two missiles to defend themselves naturally.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

Main article: Corn Mortar


Cob Cannon makes a cameo appearance in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare on the Main Street map.

He is briefly renamed to "Corn Mortar" and once again fire massive cobs, dealing 70 damage to any zombie that is hit in the blast.

Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars (China only) (Archived content)

Main article: Corn line

Cob CannonAS.png

Cob Cannon next appeared in the Chinese-exclusive turn-based game Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars, here he was the final plant in the Corn line, evolving from Popcorn-pult with a drastically different design. He attacked zombies by firing high damage lasers.

His active ability was Corn Shelling, which dealt damage to three random enemies with the chance of stunning them for a turn (stunning Seagull Zombies for two turns instead). His passive abilities were Grilled Butter, which gave his normal attacks a chance to deal 110 more damage and stun enemies for a turn and Trajectory Correction, which let him deal 360 extra damage with 100% accuracy if his previous attack missed.

His soulmates included members of the Flytrap line for a damage boost, members of the Watermelon line for a health boost, and members of the Radish line and Dragon line together for a damage boost.

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

Main article: Cob Cannon (PvZH)

Cob CannonH.png

Cob Cannon's latest appearance is in the turn-based mobile card game Plants vs. Zombies Heroes as the Colossal Legendary Plant for the PvZH Solar Icon.pngSolar class. He costs 6SunPvZH.png, has 6StrengthPvZH.png/6HeartPvZH.png stats and when played, gives zombies in his lane and those adjacent to him -1StrengthPvZH.png/-1HeartPvZH.png.

If evolved on a Team-Up plant such as Kernel-pult, he will also instantly destroy a selected zombie.


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Cob CannonASold.png

  • Cob Cannon in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars used to have a design that was more accurate to the original game. It is unknown why it was changed.
  • Cob Cannon is the only plant in the entire series that takes up two tiles.
  • On PopCap's website, Cob Cannon is shown without his front wheels.
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