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Coal Miner Zombie is the third and final unique zombie in Steam Ages in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. When he encounters a plant for the first time, he will destroy the plant by pouring coal on it, making the tile unable to be planted on until the coal disappears. When he is defeated or after he pours his coal, he will leave his wheelbarrow on his tile which acts as a blocker, similar to Surfer Zombie. However, the coal cannot be destroyed, unlike the wheelbarrow.


Steam Ages: Days 21 and 23

Almanac entry

煤矿僵尸 (Coal Miner Zombie)

TOUGHNESS: Protected
SPEED: Hungry



    In English:

    Coal Miner Zombies can pour out coal to destroy your plants, they can only pour out coal once.

    Coal Miner Zombie was pushing the wheelbarrow in and out every day, only for one day to find out that the gold mines can get rich overnight. This situation continued for 365 days and nights.



  • Coal Miner Zombie's armor is currently bugged. His armor does nothing and provides no extra health.
    • According to the developers, Coal Miner Zombie was supposed to appear in three types of armories, similar to Bug Zombie.
  • When his wheelbarrow is destroyed, it will play the sound effects from Surfer Zombie's surfboard.
  • Due to a glitch, the bucket worn by him floats as his head falls off.
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