Co-op Mode is a game mode that only appears in the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network versions of Plants vs. Zombies. The player can play with their friend in this mode. There are eleven levels of Co-op Mode.


Co-op Mode screenshot

Co-op levels

Co-op is similar to Survival Mode, but the normal Co-op levels have two or three flags instead of a full Survival level, but Co-op hard levels are exactly the same as Survival Hard levels.


You can also butter any zombie in any Co-op mode by holding down the XBOX X.png/PS3 Square.png button for a second. It will paralyze the normal Zombie that is highlighted, but the butter won't damage the zombie.


  • For some reason, Co-op Mode does not have Co-op Fog and Fog Hard.
    • This is probably because it would be hard to deal with the zombies in fog.
  • No matter how many seed slots the player has, they and their partner will always have eight slots total.
    • Perhaps this is because it would be unfair to the player or their partner to have less seeds than the other, when the player has an odd amount of seeds (seven or nine).
  • This mode is different from Versus Mode because both players control the plants.
  • Unlike Survival Mode, the game cannot be saved.
    • This might be because there might be different people playing if resumed at a later time.

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