Close Shave's icon in the PS Vita version

Close Shave is an achievement that is unlockable on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and PlayStation Vita versions of Plants vs. Zombies. In order to complete it, the player must win a level when all of their Lawn Mowers are used.


Strategy 1

In Wall-nut Bowling, when a huge wave of zombies appears, the player should let them use up the Lawn Mowers, and then play the rest of the level, or wait until only the final wave is left, and wait. This is quite easy, especially since the player will get outnumbered very quickly. Also, he or she should try to protect all the Lawn Mowers until the Final Wave, when all the zombies appear, where the player does not do anything. When all the zombies are killed by the Lawn Mowers, the player gets this achievement.

Strategy 2

Also, in Whack a Zombie, the player should let one zombie get by in each row, but play the rest of the level as normal. The player can even play any level but dig up all their plants in the final wave.

Strategy 3

In an easy level, you can just let the first few zombies die, and then you can plant plants and play it like a normal level, as long as you do not let any plants out after.

Strategy 4

In versions containing Versus Mode, this is easy to obtain, as you can unlock it via there. Simply set up a game, and have the zombies get rid of all of your Lawn Mowers, and have the plants win. This can be done even when alone by a player playing as both plants and zombies via two separate controllers.

Strategy 5

Stall with Tall-nuts, Garlic, and Wall-nuts until the end of an easy level. At the end, dig them all up and let the lawn mowers finish off all the zombies.


  • In the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network versions, it can be earned in Versus Mode.
  • "Close shave" means "barely making it." This is due to the fact that the player "barely" completed the level due to all Lawn Mowers being lost.
  • A "close shave" can also be used to refer to a shave where the hair is cut close to one's face, at a very short length.
    • The PlayStation Vita version's icon shows Crazy Dave without his beard, holding a shaver.
      • This is the only time in the series Crazy Dave is seen without his beard.

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