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Choy Ji (菜極; pinyin: cài jí) is a Tier 3 plant in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars. It is the upgrade of Bonk Choy. It attacks zombies with powerful spinning double punches.

Plant Food effect



Qigong-wave: Deals damage in a 1x3 area and stuns enemies it hits for 2 turns. It requires Tenacious Plant Food to be activated.




  • When it spins to attack the zombies, many leaves fly away.
  • It has a Yin-Yang symbol behind it.
    • In the current version, the Yin-Yang symbol is not clear as the previous version, and there is now a green square around it instead of a circle.
  • Its old design was just a Bonk Choy with a Yin-Yang symbol behind it.
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