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Chompzilla will devour the battlefield if you let her! She loves to grow big, brawny Plant teammates and put their Strikethrough powers to work.

Dr. Zomboss

For other uses, see Chomper (disambiguation).

Chompzilla is a plant hero in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes and the leader of the PvZH Mega-Grow Icon.pngMega-Grow and PvZH Solar Icon.pngSolar classes. Her signature superpower is Devour, which instantly destroys a zombie with the lowest health on the field. If there are 2 or more zombies with the lowest health, Chompzilla can decide which zombie to destroy.

She is the hero version of Chomper.



Chompzilla is based on Chomper, a major recurring plant in the Plants vs. Zombies series, who in turn is based on the Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula), with her colorization being reminiscent of Chomper's appearance in the original game.

Chompzilla's name, massive size, and destructive attitude are all based on the Japanese kaiju character Godzilla. The inclusion of a Godzilla based character in a comic book based game my be a reference to Godzilla's officially licensed comics produced by Marvel Comics.

Chompzilla's tentacles may either be based on Naval Piranha from the Yoshi series, or Biollante, a plant/human/dinosaur hybrid monster featured in the movie Godzilla vs. Biollante who shares many characteristics with Chompzilla, such as gender, appearance, and powers.

The name of Chompzilla's first strategy deck is a pun on War and Peace, a novel written by the Russian author Leo Tolstoy.


Hero description

She flosses after every meal and still, Zombie Breath is a real problem.

Strategies strategy

Chompzilla is always hungry for more Zombies to destroy with her Solar Tricks. Healing effect helps her stay alive while the Zombies keep dying.


Chompzilla's Mega-Grow and Solar classes allow her to generate lots of sun early on, then boost plants to overwhelm the opponent, especially with plants like Sunflower and Twin Sunflower as it will put the zombie hero in a dilemma; if they keep them alive, Chompzilla will get more sun to use on higher costing plants and tricks. If they put a zombie in front of them, they are most likely going to be destroyed. If they are threatened by zombies, destroy them instantly, boost their stats to make them survive the hit, or at least fight back harder before being destroyed.

Solar plants benefit greatly from playing Mega-Grow cards because many of them have useful traits and abilities, like PvZH Strikethrough Icon.pngStrikethrough, healing, and instant destruction. With Chompzilla boosting their stats and making them do bonus attacks, they become more devastating against the opponent. On the other hand, Mega-Grow plants don't synergize with Solar cards very much, with the exception of healing cards like Geyser or 2nd-Best Taco of All Time, and are pretty independent of each other.

Chompzilla's advantage over other Solar heroes when using a healing deck is that she can make her Venus Flytraps generally much stronger by using Fertilize, or by using Plant Food to give them a smaller boost, but do damage and heal her instantly. She also has access to Geyser for some cheap mass-healing. Chompzilla can also use healing to boost Pepper M.D., which in turn can boost Potted Powerhouse.

Chompzilla, while not as powerful as Solar Flare in terms of aggro decks, is still powerful in her own right. Despite lacking soft removal cards like Berry Blast, Chompzilla can use moving cards such as Sweet Pea to get zombies out of water lanes. As previously stated, she can also buff up the Solar Class' PvZH Strikethrough Icon.pngStrikethrough Cards using tricks like Fertilize and Plant Food. She can also incorporate Magnifying Grass into her aggro decks, which can serve as an effective finisher if Chompzilla has generated enough sun.

Chompzilla is probably the best hero to use Onion Rings with, the Solar class is full of plants that can greatly benefit from it, like Fume-Shroom , Morning Glory , Venus Flytrap and Sunflower. Not to mention she has the 0-Cost Lil' Buddy, which can be played in mass quantities to overwhelm your rival.

Chompzilla's weakness, however, is her lack of Amphibious plants. To prevent zombies from setting up in aquatic lanes, she can instantly destroy any possible threat with Whack-a-Zombie, Squash, Three-Headed Chomper, or Devour. She can also move them with Sweet Potato, Sweet Pea, Banana Peel, or Whipvine, because she is a Mega-Grow hero too.


Chompzilla has a deadly arsenal of Mega-Grow plants that can take you down in a few hits and Solar plants that can be very annoying to handle. Use Rocket Science, Cut Down to Size, or PvZH Deadly Icon.pngDeadly zombies to deal with her plants. Sending out threats in aquatic lanes is a good way to take a big chunk of Chompzilla's health and provide a distraction for a more powerful zombie somewhere else.

Try to swarm the field, as Chompzilla can easily pick zombies off if left alone. If you cannot swarm her, then try using high-damage cards to make Chompzilla's efforts to heal less effective.

Strategy decks

Main article: Community-built decks/Chompzilla
ChompzillaH.png War & Peas

PvZH Mega-Grow Icon.png PvZH Solar Icon.png
Use Sunflower to put Podfather on the mean streets as soon as possible. Then unleash his gang of Peas so they can teach the Zombies a lesson they won't forget.
Pea PodH.png x4 SunflowerH.png x3 TorchwoodH.png x4 Black-Eyed PeaH.png x4 Lily of the ValleyH.png x3
Sweet PeaH.png x2 Cosmic PeaH.png x4 The PodfatherH.png x4 LawnmowerH.png x1 Wing-NutH.png x4
Gatling PeaH.png x2 Onion RingsH.png x2 Pod FighterH.png x1 The Red Plant-ItH.png x2

ChompzillaH.png Bonus Attack Smackdown

PvZH Mega-Grow Icon.png PvZH Solar Icon.png
One good attack deserves another. Use Coffee Grounds to give Double Strike to Cosmoss, Captain Cucumber, and Moonbean. Finish things off by playing The Red Plant-It with your Banasaurus Rex!
CosmossH.png x4 Party ThymeH.png x4 Coffee GroundsH.png x4 Lily of the ValleyH.png x4 Solar WindsH.png x2
Vegetation MutationH.png x4 Captain CucumberH.png x4 MoonbeanH.png x2 Bananasaurus RexH.png x4 Plant FoodH.png x2
Pod FighterH.png x4 The Red Plant-ItH.png x2

ChompzillaH.png Victory Strike

PvZH Mega-Grow Icon.png PvZH Solar Icon.png
Blast through even the toughest defenses with an endless army of Strikethrough Plants. Buff them with Lily of the Valley and Grow-Shroom, then finish things off with The Red Plant-It!
Bonk ChoyH.png x4 Sweet PotatoH.png x2 Apple-SaucerH.png x4 Black-Eyed PeaH.png x2 Lily of the ValleyH.png x4
Cosmic FlowerH.png x3 Grow-ShroomH.png x2 Jack O' LanternH.png x4 Bananasaurus RexH.png x4 Plant FoodH.png x3
AstrocadoH.png x4 The Red Plant-ItH.png x3 Laser BeanH.png x1

ChompzillaH.png Cukes of Hazard

PvZH Mega-Grow Icon.png PvZH Solar Icon.png
Fill your hand with cards from Captain Cucumber, so you can keep the opponent on lockdown. If things get out of hand, clear the board with a Tactical Cuke.
Banana PeelH.png x3 Bonk ChoyH.png x4 Black-Eyed PeaH.png x3 Solar WindsH.png x3 2nd-Best Taco of All TimeH.png x3
Captain CucumberH.png x4 FlourishH.png x1 Whack-a-ZombieH.png x2 Banana SplitH.png x2 LawnmowerH.png x2
Wing-NutH.png x3 Plucky CloverH.png x4 Tactical CukeH.png x3 Three-Headed ChomperH.png x1 Astro VeraH.png x2

ChompzillaH.png Hyper-Aggro Hyperdrive

PvZH Mega-Grow Icon.png PvZH Solar Icon.png
30 Plants that cost 1 and 2 unleash a hyper-aggressive offense. Play Evolutions on Fusion Plants for a powerful combo. Then punch past the final Zombies with Sun Strike!
Clique PeasH.png x4 Haunted PumpkingH.png x4 Primal SunflowerH.png x4 TorchwoodH.png x3 EyesporeH.png x3
Lily of the ValleyH.png x4 Pea PatchH.png x2 Split PeaH.png x4 Sweet PeaH.png x2 ElderberryH.png x3
Sun StrikeH.png x3 Gatling PeaH.png x4


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In other languages

Language Name Description
United States of America English Chompzilla
China Simplified Chinese 霸王大嘴花
Traditional Chinese 哥吉拉大嘴花
France French Mordzilla
Germany German Schnappzilla
Italy Italian Masticazilla
Japan Japanese チャンプジラ
South Korea Korean 먹깨비질라
Brazil Brazilian Portuguese Carnivorazila
Russia Russian Зубастизилла
Spain Spanish Mordiscozilla


  • She shares her battle music with Rose.
  • In Return of Chompzilla! and A Fight to the Finish Line, the AI is somehow able to play Wild Berry even though Chompzilla does not lead the PvZH Kabloom Icon.pngKabloom class.
  • Even though her signature superpower is called "Devour," she actually does not eat the zombie whole, but only bites it instead.
  • This is the second time "War and Peas" is mentioned in the Plants vs. Zombies series. The first is in Plants vs. Zombies, where a book titled "War and Peas" can be seen in Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies on what appears to be a green and white box.
  • Solar Flare, Chompzilla, Spudow and Wall-Knight are the ones that can be chosen as starter heroes.
    • Chompzilla is accessible as the third hero only if the player chose Spudow as their second, being offered alongside Solar Flare.
  • There is an image of a monkey in her textures.
  • She is the hero with the least event cards in the game, having only 9.
  • According to an animated trailer for Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, Chompzilla owns a red toothbrush.
    • She and Dr. Zomboss are the only characters in the series shown to use a toothbrush.

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