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Chomp Cannon is an alternate ability for Chomper in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. When used, the Chomper charges up for a few seconds. Once it is done, it will fire an exploding goop shot. It takes 15 seconds to cool down after being used. If it hits a zombie directly, it can deal up to 100 damage. Even if it isn't a direct hit, it still deals splash damage. These factors make the Chomp Cannon somewhat equivalent to the Foot Soldier's ZPG and Kernel Corn's Shuck Shot, and though it deals quite a bit less damage than its counterparts, Its rather generous splash damage and its faster recharge than any of the other one-shot abilities makes up for it and makes it a prime choice for those that seek vengeance on Imps and Scientists. However, unlike Goop, it will not goop the zombie, and it also drops at range.

Stickerbook description

If you're sick of being harassed by Zombies on rooftops, the Chomp Cannon is for you. Hock a loogie in their direction with this disgustingly explosive attack!


This can be a very powerful ability if used correctly. This ability is very useful for getting zombies off of rooftops, as said in the description, because there really aren't really any other abilities that are able to do that. Although it doesn't slow down zombies, it can instantly kill imps, which can be useful if an imp is calling down his mech and the beam hasn't came down yet. This ability can also be useful to instantly kill injured zombies, or to support teammates that are fighting zombies. Since of this ability's insanely high splash damage, this can be absolutely devastating to wounded groups of zombies. This ability is a lot like shuck shot or ZPG, so use it like you would use those abilities. Since this ability doesn't do reduced damage at range, it can be effective to retaliate at any snipers that are shooting at you.



  • According to the ability's icon, the projectile is made from a combination of Goop and undigested zombie body parts.
  • Its name is another instance of an alliterative name.
  • This takes the longest recharge out of all of the goops in the game, taking 15 seconds to recharge.
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