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Chocolate is an item obtained in Plants vs. Zombies. It is used to boost the productivity of the Zen Garden. It can be obtained in all game modes, with the exception of the Zen Garden itself.


Chocolate can be fed to Zen Garden plants when fully grown and Stinky the Snail. When fed to Stinky, he will move much faster and will not fall asleep until one hour passes. When utilized on plants, chocolate will cause them to drop money at approximately four times the normal rate for five minutes. Their animation will speed up too.

11 chocolates

Once ten pieces of chocolate have been amassed, no more chocolate will appear. However, if nine pieces of chocolate are in the player's inventory and two or more pieces are spawned in different levels and then are collected, then eleven or more pieces of chocolate can become available at once. The player can also hack using Cheat Engine to earn as many they want to in game, up to the integer overflow number (214,748,366). Trying to go over will lead to you having negative chocolates. To be exact, -214,748,363.

Chocolate will not appear until the player purchases Stinky the Snail from Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies.

How to obtain it

See money guide as money is earned in the same ways you get chocolate.


  • When this is used on Stinky the Snail, a siren known as "mindcontrolled.ogg" in the files can be heard.
    • This is the same sound as when a Zombie eats a Hypno-shroom.

      The sound that plays when a chocolate is given to Stinky

  • If the player uses chocolate on either a plant or Stinky the Snail, and then attempts to feed it to them again, the chocolate’s effects will not stack.
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