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For the version in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, see Chilly Pepper.

Chilly Pepper was a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. The player obtained him after reclaiming The Chilly Lot. The Chilly Pepper is the ice counterpart of Jalapeño.



Chilly Pepper was based on Jalapeño, but as the polar opposite of hot (in Chilly pepper's case, cold).

His blue color may also be related to the filius blue, an ornamental chili pepper that comes in many colors, including blue before ripening.

His name was a portmanteau of "chilli pepper", the fruit of certain species of peppers; and the homophone "chilly", meaning cold.

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He looks cold, but maybe he's hiding an explosive temper. Or, he could just be really cold.


There was not much a difference between him and Jalapeño other than the higher cost and expensiveness of coins. The Chilly Pepper was implemented to take care of Gas Can Zombie, but because a Snow Pea could do so multiple times, and was cheaper, it was much more advised to use him instead.

The Chilly Pepper could however, be used as a 3rd instant kill if you wanted to have Cherry Bomb, Jalapeño, and himself in one level for a faster use of instant-use plants to stall down time.

It was possible to use a Chilly Pepper, instead of Jalapeño to damage and temporally freeze Gargantuar Zombies, although it is recommended to time the activation so that the Gargantuar Zombie is not frozen where he is barely hit by anything.

It was not advised to use the Chilly Pepper against Ice Block Zombies, as they were totally immune to the explosion while they are still in their ice block.



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