Chesterweed is an alternate ability for the Chomper's Spikeweed which was introduced in the Cheetos DLC pack. It attacks at an extremely fast speed, dealing up to 70 damage in 5 seconds. Chompers eating zombies trapped by the Chesterweed will swallow significantly faster, but the Chomper can only have two of them at a time. It takes 60 seconds to recharge one Chesterweed.

Stickerbook description

What it lacks in subtlety, the Chesterweed more than makes up for with attitude. It'll snag any Zombie rude enough to step on it, making for easy and delicious prey.

Comparison to vanilla counterpart


  • Deals more damage.
  • Ensnared enemies will swallow faster.


  • Doesn't blend in at all due to the orange color scheme.
  • Only two are available at one time.



Due to the Chesterweed's poor ability to blend in with most environments compared to the standard Spikeweed, the Chesterweed is best used against Spawnable Zombies or in Garden Ops. It is especially effective against shielded zombies, such as the Coffin Zombie, Outhouse Zombie, Barrel Pirate, and Screen Door Zombies because their armor and shields will be instantly destroyed by it, leaving its high attack damage to finish it off.

Related achievement

Snaretastic PSN.png
As a Chomper, Swallow 10 Snared Zombies in a session



  • If the player swallows ten zombies snared by it, Spikeweeds or Spiky Spikeweeds in a single session, they will earn the Snaretastic achievement.
  • It is a portmanteau of "Spikeweed," the Chomper ability that it is an alternate of, and "Chester," the cheetah mascot of the Cheetos brand.
    • It also has Chester's color scheme and face on it.

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