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Cherry Strike is an ability that is only usable in Boss Mode of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare if the player is on the plant side. It costs 250 sun to deploy, and it sends down a barrage of Cherry Bombs in a selected area in a similar manner to the Garlic Drone's Corn Strike ability, except the Cherry Bombs are more spread out and each takes a slightly longer time to be sent down. Each Cherry Bomb can deal up to 70 damage which is a critical hit. Its zombie counterpart is the Cone Strike. It takes 45 seconds to recharge.

Stickerbook description

Launch a devastating barrage of cherries at unsuspecting Zombies below.


The Cherry Strike is very hard to aim with, as most of the time, it falls at the wrong location or the zombies move away before it explodes. The best and possibly only time recommended to use the Cherry Strike is when a garden in Gardens & Graveyards or Gnome Bomb is full of zombies. It can also be used to deal heavy damage to the Teleporter if it has been built. Otherwise, you may miss your target and waste 250 sun.


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