Cheetah Heal Station is an alternate ability for the Scientist's Zombie Heal Station that was introduced in the Cheetos DLC pack. It heals the fastest of all the heal stations, with it healing roughly three or four health a second, but it self-destructs after 15 seconds being deployed, being the heal station with the least time before self-destructing. When it self-destructs, it deals 0.5 damage to any plants near it. It takes 30 seconds to recharge.

Stickerbook description

With the fastest heal rate of all of the Scientist's Heal Stations, Chester sees all. Silently watching, and healing. Always healing.



Cheetah Heal Station is best used for quick heals for yourself while on the offense, but it self-destructs too quickly to be used to heal groups of zombies.



  • The Cheetah Heal Station says "meow" while healing.

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