The official name of this plant is Cattail (PvZ: AS). However, a literal translation can be found in its infobox. The official name is to be used on all pages that refer to this plant.
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Cattail is a Tier 1 Brave plant in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars. It attacks by sending the spikes on its tail.


Cattail evolves into Dogtail, and further evolves into Foxtail.

Plant Food effect


Dancing Spirit: Cattails use fierce sounds through dancing, giving other surrounding plants anger. 



  • The elements of it, Dogtail, and Foxtail are Earth, but they use the slingshot (element for water) as their weapon.
  • Its spikes do not home in on zombies in this game. Also, it only shoots one spike at a time.
  • It can only be planted on land in this game.
  • It uses the head and leaves sprites from the PvZ2C version of Cattail.

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