All the super-rare plants in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.

Superpowers Bubble UpHNut SignalHRoot WallHEnsign UprootH · Meteor StrikeHMore SporeHStorm FrontH · EmbiggenHHolo-FloraHTime to ShineH · Big ChillHTransmogrifyHWhirlwindHLieutenant CarrotronHLightspeed SeedH · GeyserHScorched EarthHWeed WhackH
PvZH Guardian Icon
Jugger-NutHMirror-NutHGuacodileHDoom-ShroomH · Galacta-CactusHForce FieldHGravitreeH
Three-NutH · Marine BeanHPrimal Wall-NutH · Bubble UpHNut SignalHRoot WallHEnsign UprootH
PvZH Kabloom Icon
Punish-ShroomHSergeant StrongberryHCherry BombHGrapes of WrathH · Astro-ShroomHBanana LauncherHPair PearadiseH
FireweedHImitaterH · StrawberrianH · Meteor StrikeHMore SporeHStorm FrontH
PvZH Mega-Grow Icon
Party ThymeHBlack-Eyed PeaHPotted PowerhouseHEspresso FiestaH · MoonbeanHPod FighterHThe Red Plant-ItH
Split PeaHGrape PowerH · Savage SpinachH · EmbiggenHHolo-FloraHTime to ShineH
PvZH Smarty Icon
Sow Magic BeansHBean CounterHSnapdragonHWinter SquashH · Laser CattailHBog of EnlightenmentHCool BeanH
Jelly BeanH · RotobagaHShrinking VioletH · Big ChillHTransmogrifyHWhirlwindHLieutenant CarrotronHLightspeed SeedH
PvZH Solar Icon
Twin SunflowerH2nd-Best Taco of All TimeHChomperHLaser BeanH · Solar WindsHWing-NutHTactical CukeH
Primal SunflowerHSunflower SeedH · Sun StrikeH · GeyserHScorched EarthHWeed WhackH

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