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The basic sun-producer, the Sunflower.

The night-time sun-producer, the Sun-shroom.

Sun producing plants are plants that generate sun over time when planted; the more on the lawn, the more sun will be generated.

Sun producing plants include Sunflower, Sun-shroom, Twin Sunflower, Primal Sunflower, Moonflower, Power Flower, Sun Bean and Giant Sunflower. These are often placed on the back of the lawn, far away from approaching zombies except for Sun Bean, Toadstool and possibly Gold Leaf. They must be planted at the start of a level; without them, the player will be able to plant very few to no offensive plants (save from Puff-shroomsSea-shroomsIceberg Lettuces and Stallias), which will quickly lead to the player's defeat.

Unlike other sun producing plants, Sun Bean does not directly produce sun and instead causes zombies to drop sun. After a zombie eats a Sun Bean, it will drop very small sun, which is worth five sun for every normal damage shot. The zombie will faintly glow yellow and white to indicate that it is affected by a Sun Bean.

Toadstools create sun by eating zombies like Chompers. When a zombie is swallowed, the Toadstool will create a normal sun. When given Plant Food, the more zombies it eats, the more sun it creates.

Gold Leaves create Gold Tiles, a tile that creates sun as long as there is a plant on it. However, they are only usable in Lost City.

In Plants vs. Zombies, the main differences between Sunflowers and Sun-shrooms are that Sunflowers will always produce 25 sun per 24 seconds, while Sun-shrooms will produce 15 sun at first, but after two minutes, it will start to produce 25 sun. The other difference is that the Sun-shroom is a nocturnal plant, so it is not a very good idea to use them on daytime levels.

In Plants vs. Zombies 2, Sunflowers produce 50 sun while Sun-shrooms produce 25 sun at the beginning, 50 sun after their first growth and 75 sun after their final growth.

When a sun producer is first planted,  it will take approximately seven seconds to generate its first sun, but after that it will take 24 seconds for every other sun.

Sun-producing plants cannot be used in all levels related to Last Stand and Sun Bombs series. High amount of sun producing plants is required to pass some Brain Busters in which a set quantity of sun needs to be produced in the duration of the level to pass it.

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Plants vs. Zombies Sunflower1.png Sun-shroom1.png Twin Sunflower1.png Giant Sunflower1.png
Plants vs. Zombies:
Journey to the West
Monk FlowerJttW.png Sunflower1.png Sun-shroom1.png Twin Sunflower1.png
Plants vs. Zombies
SunflowerA.png Power FlowerA.png Twin SunflowerA.png
Plants vs. Zombies 2 Sunflower2.png Twin Sunflower2.png Sun-shroom2.png Sun Bean2.png Toadstool2.png Gold Leaf2.png Primal Sunflower2.png Moonflower2.png Gold Bloom2.png Solar Tomato2.png
Enlighten-mint2.png Shine Vine2.png Solar Sage2.png
Plants vs. Zombies 2
(Chinese version)
Sunflower2C.png Twin Sunflower2.png Sun-shroom2.png Sun Bean2.png Sunflower Singer2.png Toadstool2C.png Gold Leaf2.png Primal Sunflower2.png Moonflower2.png Gold Bloom2C.png
Plants vs. Zombies:
Garden Warfare
Heal FlowerGW1.png
Plants vs. Zombies:
Garden Warfare 2
Heal FlowerGW2.png Rainbow FlowerGW2.png Heal WeedGW2.png
Plants vs. Zombies:
Battle for Neighborville
SunflowerBfN.png Heal FlowerBfN.png Heal WeedBfN.png
Plants vs. Zombies
SunburnH.png Primal SunflowerH.png SunflowerH.png Sun-ShroomH.png Twin SunflowerH.png Sunnier-ShroomH.png Metal Petal SunflowerH.png ToadstoolH.png

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