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This plant spends time charging up before attacking.

This category is for all plants in the Plants vs. Zombies series that require a recharge for attacks. Some plants such as Citron require a charge before doing their first attack while other plants such as Chomper require the recharge only after their first attack has been done.

Quick-search table
Plants vs. Zombies Potato Mine1.png Chomper1.png Magnet-shroom1.png Cob Cannon1.png
Plants vs. Zombies
Social Edition
Potato Mine1.png Chomper1.png Magnet-shroom1.png Super ChomperSE.png
Plants vs. Zombies
PopcornA.png Magnet PlantA.png
Plants vs. Zombies 2 Potato Mine2.png Spring Bean2.png Coconut Cannon2.png Citron2.png Magnet-shroom2.png Bowling Bulb2.png Banana Launcher2.png Primal Potato Mine2.png Chomper2.png Toadstool2.png
Strawburst2.png Electric Blueberry2.png Jack O' Lantern2.png Escape Root2.png Witch Hazel2.png Missile Toe2.png Caulipower2.png Holly Barrier2.png Dandelion2.png+ Aloe2.png
Snap Pea2.png Zoybean Pod2.png Dartichoke2.png Ultomato2.png Olive Pit2.png Boingsetta2.png Hocus Crocus2.png
Plants vs. Zombies 2
(Chinese version)
Potato Mine2.png Spring Bean2.png Coconut Cannon2.png Fire Gourd2.png Citron2.png Magnet-shroom2.png Bowling Bulb2.png Banana Launcher2.png Tornacorn2.png Aspiragus2.png
Board Beans2.png Toadstool2C.png Primal Potato Mine2.png Dinonip2.png Mastercane2.png Caulipower2C.png Aloe2C.png Dartichoke2C.png Dripphylleia2.png Kunai Tupistra2.png
Carrotillery2.png Aggro Brocco2.png Chomper2C.png Electric Blueberry2C.png Pumpkin Witch2.png R.A.D Missiles2.png Missile Toe2C.png Cob Cannon2C.png Banana Dancer2.png Witch Hazel2C.png
Escape Root2C.png Curling Corms2.png Snap Pea2C.png Holly Barrier2C.png Ultomato2C.png Olive Pit2C.png Nuclear Earthstar2.png
Plants vs. Zombies
Potato MineO.png Carrot RocketO.png Spring Bean2.png Coconut Cannon2.png Pineapple CannonO.png
Plants vs. Zombies
Garden Warfare
Ice-shroomGW1.png Doom-shroomGW1.png Snow-shroomGW1.png CariboomGW1.png
Plants vs. Zombies
Garden Warfare 2
Ice-shroomGW2.png Doom-shroomGW2.png Perfume ShroomGW2.png
Plants vs. Zombies
Battle for Neighborville
Plants vs. Zombies 3 Potato Mine3.png Sawgrass3.png Night Cap3.png Chomper3.png

+ - Certain attacks only

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