Power Mints are special plants that boost a specific plant family. They cannot be imitated or affected by other mints. They also last a limited time before disappearing, much like Puff-shroom, except much shorter.

Power Mints can only be upgraded by using mints to buy their seed packets in the store. Unlike other plants, upgrading a Power Mint does not require the use of coins. Mints can be obtained from the Arena reward streak, and from certain quests in the Travel Log.

List of Power Mints

No. Icon Name Picture Plants in family Special effect
1 Fila-mint familyicon Fila-mint Fila-mint2 Lightning Reed2Citron2E.M.Peach2Magnifying Grass2Electric Blueberry2Electric Currant2Electric Peashooter2Electrici-tea2Ultomato2 Does electric damage to all zombies on the board.
2 Pepper-mint familyicon Pepper-mint Pepper-mint2 Snapdragon2Fire Peashooter2Ghost Pepper2Hot Date2Hot Potato2Jack O' Lantern2Jalapeno2Lava Guava2Pepper-pult2Pyre Vine2 Sets off lane-wide bursts of flame.
3 Winter-mint familyicon Winter-mint Winter-mint2 Iceberg Lettuce2Snow Pea2Winter Melon2Cold Snapdragon2Missile Toe2Ice Bloom2 Chills all zombies on the board.
4 Enlighten-mint familyicon Enlighten-mint Enlighten-mint2 Sunflower2Twin Sunflower2Solar Tomato2Sun-shroom2Sun Bean2Primal Sunflower2Toadstool2 Gives a burst of sun.
5 Reinforce-mint familyicon Reinforce-mint Reinforce-mint2 Wall-nut2Tall-nut2Infi-nut2Pea-nut2Sweet Potato2Chard Guard2Endurian2Aloe2Holly Barrier2Primal Wall-nut2Pumpkin2 Knocks all zombies backward and activates Plant Food ability on his family plants.
6 Bombard-mint familyicon Bombard-mint Bombard-mint2 Potato Mine2Cherry Bomb2Bombegranate2Escape Root2Explode-O-Nut2Grapeshot2Primal Potato Mine2Strawburst2 Sets off a number of explosions on the board.
7 Ail-mint familyicon Ail-mint Ail-mint2 Chili Bean2Puff-shroom2Fume-shroom2Garlic2Spore-shroom2Blooming Heart2Goo Peashooter2Imp Pear2 Poisons all zombies on the board.
8 Enchant-mint familyicon Enchant-mint Enchant-mint2 Hypno-shroom2Intensive Carrot2Shrinking Violet2Caulipower2Witch Hazel2Zoybean Pod2 Randomly hypnotizes a random number of zombies.
9 Contain-mint familyicon Contain-mint Contain-mint2 Grave Buster2Spring Bean2Blover2Magnet-shroom2Hurrikale2Stunion2Stallia2Sap-fling2Dazey Chain2 Stuns all zombies on the board.
10 Enforce-mint familyicon Enforce-mint Enforce-mint2 Bonk Choy2Celery Stalker2Chomper2Guacodile2Kiwibeast2Parsnip2Phat Beet2Snap Pea2Squash2Tangle Kelp2Wasabi Whip2 Shrinks a number of zombies.
11 Arma-mint familyicon Arma-mint Arma-mint2 Cabbage-pult2Kernel-pult2Coconut Cannon2Melon-pult2Banana Launcher2A.K.E.E.2Apple Mortar2Sling Pea2Blastberry Vine2 Launches a volley of heavy stunning projectiles.
12 Conceal-mint familyicon Conceal-mint Conceal-mint2 Moonflower2Nightshade2Shadow-shroom2Dusk Lobber2Grimrose2Shadow Peashooter2 Powers up all shadow plants on the lawn and drags a number of zombies to their doom.
13 Spear-mint familyicon Spear-mint Spear-mint2 Bloomerang2Spikerock2Spikeweed2Laser Bean2Homing Thistle2Cactus2Pokra2Dartichoke2 Generates a number of higher-level Spikerocks on the board.
14 Appease-mint familyicon Appease-mint Appease-mint2 Peashooter2Repeater2Torchwood2Threepeater2Split Pea2Pea Pod2Starfruit2Rotobaga2Red Stinger2Bowling Bulb2Dandelion2Primal Peashooter2 Fires a volley of huge peas that break into smaller peas.

General abilities

Not counting individual special abilities, all Power Mints can also have these following abilities:

  • They cannot be destroyed in any way during the effect time:
    • They cannot be eaten by zombies. Instead, the zombies will just walk through them.
    • They cannot be carried away by Zombie Parrot.
    • They cannot be crushed by crashing zombies. If Troglobite or Arcade Zombie run into them, they will stop pushing ice blocks or the arcade machine and just go ahead.
    • They cannot be transformed into sheep by Wizard Zombie and can't be covered by octopus from Octo Zombie.
  • Power Mints can not be pulled by Fisherman Zombie and can also block him from pulling other plants behind them.
    • They can not be planted directly on water in Big Wave Beach without Lily Pad, but they still survive if the Lily Pad is destroyed.
  • They are not affected by Boombox Zombie.
  • They can block Jester Zombie's reflected projectiles but not the zombie himself.
  • They are immune to freezing winds in Frostbite Caves.
  • Power Mints can block Zombie Bull and Rodeo Legend Zombie, stop them from charging and force them to throw the Imp.
  • Dr. Zomboss will be stunned when he rams them.

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