Power Mints are special plants that boost a specific plant family. They cannot be imitated or affected by other mints. They also last a limited time before disappearing, much like Puff-shroom, except much shorter.

Power Mints can only be upgraded by using mints to buy their seed packets in the store. Unlike other plants, upgrading a Power Mint does not require the use of coins and instead can be upgraded for free. Mints can be obtained from the Arena reward streak, Tournament-end rewards from Arena, and from certain quests in the Travel Log.

List of Power Mints

No. Icon Name Picture Plants in family Special effect
1 Fila-mint familyicon Fila-mint Fila-mint2 Lightning Reed2Citron2E.M.Peach2Magnifying Grass2Electric Blueberry2Electric Currant2Electric Peashooter2Electrici-tea2Ultomato2 Does electric damage to all zombies on the board.
2 Pepper-mint familyicon Pepper-mint Pepper-mint2 Snapdragon2Fire Peashooter2Ghost Pepper2Hot Date2Hot Potato2Jack O' Lantern2Jalapeno2Lava Guava2Pepper-pult2Pyre Vine2 Sets off lane-wide bursts of flame.
3 Winter-mint familyicon Winter-mint Winter-mint2 Iceberg Lettuce2Snow Pea2Winter Melon2Cold Snapdragon2Missile Toe2Ice Bloom2 Chills all zombies on the board.
4 Enlighten-mint familyicon Enlighten-mint Enlighten-mint2 Sunflower2Twin Sunflower2Solar Tomato2Sun-shroom2Sun Bean2Primal Sunflower2Toadstool2Shine Vine2 Gives a burst of sun.
5 Reinforce-mint familyicon Reinforce-mint Reinforce-mint2 Wall-nut2Tall-nut2Infi-nut2Pea-nut2Sweet Potato2Chard Guard2Endurian2Aloe2Holly Barrier2Primal Wall-nut2Pumpkin2Gumnut2 Knocks all zombies backward and activates the Plant Food ability on his family plants.
6 Bombard-mint familyicon Bombard-mint Bombard-mint2 Potato Mine2Cherry Bomb2Bombegranate2Escape Root2Explode-O-Nut2Grapeshot2Primal Potato Mine2Strawburst2Explode-o-Vine2 Sets off a number of explosions on the board.
7 Ail-mint familyicon Ail-mint Ail-mint2 Chili Bean2Puff-shroom2Fume-shroom2Garlic2Spore-shroom2Blooming Heart2Goo Peashooter2Imp Pear2Puffball2 Poisons all zombies on the board.
8 Enchant-mint familyicon Enchant-mint Enchant-mint2 Hypno-shroom2Intensive Carrot2Shrinking Violet2Caulipower2Witch Hazel2Zoybean Pod2 Randomly hypnotizes a random number of zombies.
9 Contain-mint familyicon Contain-mint Contain-mint2 Grave Buster2Spring Bean2Blover2Magnet-shroom2Hurrikale2Stunion2Stallia2Sap-fling2Dazey Chain2Olive Pit2 Stuns all zombies on the board.
10 Enforce-mint familyicon Enforce-mint Enforce-mint2 Bonk Choy2Celery Stalker2Chomper2Guacodile2Kiwibeast2Parsnip2Phat Beet2Snap Pea2Squash2Tangle Kelp2Wasabi Whip2 Shrinks a number of zombies.
11 Arma-mint familyicon Arma-mint Arma-mint2 Cabbage-pult2Kernel-pult2Coconut Cannon2Melon-pult2Banana Launcher2A.K.E.E.2Apple Mortar2Sling Pea2Blastberry Vine2 Launches a volley of heavy stunning projectiles.
12 Conceal-mint familyicon Conceal-mint Conceal-mint2 Moonflower2Nightshade2Shadow-shroom2Dusk Lobber2Grimrose2Shadow Peashooter2Murkadamia Nut2 Powers up all shadow plants on the lawn and drags a number of zombies to their doom.
13 Spear-mint familyicon Spear-mint Spear-mint2 Bloomerang2Spikerock2Spikeweed2Laser Bean2Homing Thistle2Cactus2Pokra2Dartichoke2 Generates a number of higher-level Spikerocks on the board.
14 Appease-mint familyicon Appease-mint Appease-mint2 Peashooter2Repeater2Torchwood2Threepeater2Split Pea2Pea Pod2Starfruit2Rotobaga2Red Stinger2Bowling Bulb2Dandelion2Primal Peashooter2Tumbleweed2 Fires a volley of huge peas that break into smaller peas.

General abilities

Not counting individual special abilities, all Power Mints can also have these following abilities:

  • They cannot be destroyed in any way during the effect time:
    • They cannot be eaten by zombies. Instead, the zombies will just walk through them.
    • They cannot be carried away by Zombie Parrot.
    • They cannot be crushed by crashing zombies. If Troglobite or Arcade Zombie run into them, they will stop pushing ice blocks or the arcade machine and just go ahead.
    • They cannot be transformed into sheep by Wizard Zombie and can't be covered by octopus from Octo Zombie.
  • Power Mints can not be pulled by Fisherman Zombie and can also block him from pulling other plants behind them.
    • They can not be planted directly on the water in Big Wave Beach without Lily Pad, but they still survive if the Lily Pad is destroyed.
  • They are not affected by Boombox Zombie.
  • They can block Jester Zombie's reflected projectiles but not the zombie himself.
  • They are immune to freezing winds in Frostbite Caves.
  • Power Mints can block Zombie Bull and Rodeo Legend Zombie, stop them from charging and force them to throw the Imp.
  • Dr. Zomboss will be stunned when he attempts to rams them.

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