All the plants in the Plants vs. Zombies.

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Day Peashooter1 Sunflower1 Cherry Bomb1 Wall-nut1 Potato Mine1 Snow Pea1 Chomper1 Repeater1
Night Puff-shroom1 Sun-shroom1 Fume-shroom1 Grave Buster1 Hypno-shroom1 Scaredy-shroom1 Ice-shroom1 Doom-shroom1
Pool Lily Pad1 Squash1 Threepeater1 Tangle Kelp1 Jalapeno1 Spikeweed1 Torchwood1 Tall-nut1
Fog Sea-shroom1 Plantern1 Cactus1 Blover1 Split Pea1 Starfruit1 Pumpkin1 Magnet-shroom1
Roof Cabbage-pult1 Flower Pot1 Kernel-pult1 Coffee Bean1 Garlic1 Umbrella Leaf1 Marigold1 Melon-pult1
Upgrade Gatling Pea1 Twin Sunflower1 Gloom-shroom1 Cattail1 Winter Melon1 Spikerock1 Gold Magnet1 Cob Cannon1
Other Imitater1 Explode-o-nut1 Giant Wall-nut1 Giant Sunflower1 Giant Marigold1 Sprout1

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