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This category contains all plants which appear in both the current and pre-2021 versions Plants vs. Zombies 3.

Quick-search table
Plantable Lily Pad3.png Chili Bean3.png Sunflower3.png Tangle Kelp3.png Squash3.png Wall-Nut3.png Peashooter3.png Bonk Choy3.png
Power-Ups Grapes of Wrath3.png Chilly Pepper3.png Jalapeño3.png Cherry Bomb3.png Blover3.png
Common Puff-Shroom3.png Buttercup3.png Garlic3.png Potato Mine3.png Pushywillow3.png Wall-Nut3Old.png Chard Guard3.png Peashooter3Old.png
Spikeweed3.png Cabbage-Pult3.png Kernel-Pult3.png Bonk Choy3Old.png Caramel Popcorn3.png Lightning Reed3.png Melon-Pult3.png
Rare Shuffle Truffle3.png Squash3Old.png Blockbuster3.png Butternut Squash3.png Ragweed3.png Sawgrass3.png Fire Peashooter3.png Pine Needler3.png
Snow Pea3.png Bamboo Shoots3.png Night Cap3.png
Epic Aloe Vera3.png Sweet Potato3.png Hydrangea3.png Dogwood3.png Chomper3.png Gravitree3.png Flak Seed3.png Gloom-Shroom3.png
Snapdragon3.png Starfruit3.png Lemon-Aid3.png
Legendary Fairy Ring Mushroom3.png Kalestorm3.png
Other Sunflower3Old.png Cherry Bomb3Old.png Star Tree3.png

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