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This category contains all plants which appear in Plants vs. Zombies 2.

Quick-search table
Player's House Peashooter2.png Sunflower2.png Wall-nut2.png Potato Mine2.png Cabbage-pult2.png
Ancient Egypt Bloomerang2.png Iceberg Lettuce2.png Grave Buster2.png Bonk Choy2.png Repeater2.png Twin Sunflower2.png
Pirate Seas Kernel-pult2.png Snapdragon2.png Spikeweed2.png Spring Bean2.png Coconut Cannon2.png Threepeater2.png Spikerock2.png Cherry Bomb2.png
Wild West Split Pea2.png Chili Bean2.png Pea Pod2.png Lightning Reed2.png Melon-pult2.png Tall-nut2.png Winter Melon2.png
Far Future Laser Bean2.png Blover2.png Citron2.png E.M.Peach2.png Infi-nut2.png Magnifying Grass2.png Tile Turnip2.png
Dark Ages Sun-shroom2.png Puff-shroom2.png Fume-shroom2.png Sun Bean2.png Magnet-shroom2.png
Big Wave Beach Lily Pad2.png Tangle Kelp2.png Bowling Bulb2.png Guacodile2.png Banana Launcher2.png
Frostbite Caves Hot Potato2.png Pepper-pult2.png Chard Guard2.png Stunion2.png Rotobaga2.png
Lost City Red Stinger2.png A.K.E.E.2.png Endurian2.png Stallia2.png Gold Leaf2.png
Neon Mixtape Tour Phat Beet2.png Celery Stalker2.png Thyme Warp2.png Garlic2.png Spore-shroom2.png Intensive Carrot2.png
Jurassic Marsh Primal Peashooter2.png Primal Wall-nut2.png Perfume-shroom2.png Primal Sunflower2.png Primal Potato Mine2.png
Modern Day Moonflower2.png Nightshade2.png Shadow-shroom2.png Dusk Lobber2.png Grimrose2.png
Money Premium Snow Pea2.png Power Lily2.png Imitater2.png Chomper2.png Toadstool2.png Strawburst2.png Cactus2.png Electric Blueberry2.png
Jack O' Lantern2.png Grapeshot2.png Cold Snapdragon2.png Escape Root2.png Gold Bloom2.png Wasabi Whip2.png Kiwibeast2.png
Apple Mortar2.png Witch Hazel2.png Parsnip2.png Missile Toe2.png Caulipower2.png Electric Peashooter2.png Holly Barrier2.png
Gem Premium Squash2.png Jalapeno2.png Hypno-shroom2.png Pea-nut2.png Homing Thistle2.png Ghost Pepper2.png Sweet Potato2.png Sap-fling2.png
Hurrikale2.png Fire Peashooter2.png Lava Guava2.png Shrinking Violet2.png Electric Currant2.png
Mint Premium Fila-mint2.png Pepper-mint2.png Winter-mint2.png Reinforce-mint2.png Bombard-mint2.png Ail-mint2.png Enchant-mint2.png Contain-mint2.png
Enforce-mint2.png Arma-mint2.png Conceal-mint2.png Spear-mint2.png Appease-mint2.png
Seed packet
Torchwood2.png Starfruit2.png Dandelion2.png Blooming Heart2.png Explode-O-Nut2.png Aloe2.png Bombegranate2.png Hot Date2.png
Solar Tomato2.png Enlighten-mint2.png Shadow Peashooter2.png Goo Peashooter2.png Sling Pea2.png Snap Pea2.png Zoybean Pod2.png Electrici-tea2.png
Dazey Chain2.png Blastberry Vine2.png Pokra2.png Imp Pear2.png Pumpkin2.png Pyre Vine2.png Ice Bloom2.png Dartichoke2.png
Ultomato2.png Gumnut2.png Shine Vine2.png Tumbleweed2.png Puffball2.png Olive Pit2.png Explode-o-Vine2.png Murkadamia Nut2.png
Turkey-pult2.png Boingsetta2.png Stickybomb Rice2.png Hocus Crocus2.png Headbutter Lettuce2.png Gloom Vine2.png Draftodil2.png Pea Vine2.png
Boom Balloon Flower2.png Inferno2.png Solar Sage2.png Power Vine2.png Noctarine2.png Heath Seeker2.png Iceweed2.png Tiger Grass2.png
Teleportato Mine2.png Blockoli2.png Buttercup2.png Bramble Bush2.png Rhubarbarian2.png Mega Gatling Pea2.png Levitater2.png
Other Marigold2.png Security Gourds 2.png

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