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All the zombies in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2.

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Playable Classes Foot SoldierGW2.png Camo RangerGW2.png Super CommandoGW2.png General SupremoGW2.png Tank CommanderGW2.png Arctic TrooperGW2.png Sky TrooperGW2.png CenturionGW2.png Park RangerGW2.png Scuba SoldierGW2.png
EngineerGW2.png WelderGW2.png PainterGW2.png MechanicGW2.png ElectricianGW2.png PlumberGW2.png LandscaperGW2.png Sanitation ExpertGW2.png Roadie ZGW2.png AC PerryGW2.png
ScientistGW2.png ChemistGW2.png PhysicistGW2.png Dr. ToxicGW2.png AstronautGW2.png Marine BiologistGW2.png ArchaeologistGW2.png PaleontologistGW2.png ZoologistGW2.png Computer ScientistGW2.png
All-StarGW2.png Baseball StarGW2.png Rugby StarGW2.png Hockey StarGW2.png Cricket StarGW2.png Goalie StarGW2.png Wrestling StarGW2.png Golf StarGW2.png Moto-X StarGW2.png Tennis StarGW2.png
ImpGW2.png (Robo CallGW2.png) Lil' DrakeGW2.png (Drake CallGW2.png) Pylon ImpGW2.png (Pylon CallGW2.png) (Bling Pylon CallGW2.png) S.H.R.IMPGW2.png (S.H.R.IMP CallGW2.png) Z7 ImpGW2.png (Z7 CallGW2.png) Party ImpGW2.png (Party MechGW2.png) Scallywag ImpGW2.png (Scallywag CallGW2.png)
Super BrainzGW2.png Cozmic BrainzGW2.png Electro BrainzGW2.png Toxic BrainzGW2.png Party BrainzGW2.png Breakfast BrainzGW2.png
Captain DeadbeardGW2.png Captain CannonGW2.png Captain FlamefaceGW2.png Captain SharkbiteGW2.png Captain PartymanGW2.png Captain SquawkGW2.png
Other Hover Goat-3000GW2.png Mecha CatGW2.png Stinky GoatGW2.png
Abilities Foot SoldierGW2.png Zombie Stink CloudGW2.png Rocket JumpGW2.png ZPGGW2.png Super Stink CloudGW2.png Rocket LeapGW2.png Multi-RocketGW2.png
EngineerGW2.png Sonic GrenadeGW2.png Big Bolt BlasterGW2.png JackhammerGW2.png Proximity Sonic MineGW2.png Bedazzled Bolt BlasterGW2.png Turbo JackhammerGW2.png
ScientistGW2.png Heal Beam of ScienceGW2.png WarpGW2.png Sticky Explody BallGW2.png Zombie Heal StationGW2.png Energy WarpGW2.png Mega Heal BombGW2.png Armored Heal StationGW2.png Armored Bling StationGW2.png
All-StarGW2.png Imp PuntGW2.png Sprint TackleGW2.png Dummy ShieldGW2.png Long BombGW2.png Ultra TackleGW2.png Shield DecoyGW2.png Future DummyGW2.png
ImpGW2.png Gravity GrenadeGW2.png Robo CallGW2.png ImpkataGW2.png
Robo CallGW2.png Missile MadnessGW2.png Explosive EscapeGW2.png Robo StompGW2.png Dragon SwoopGW2.png Wing FlapGW2.png Pylon MineGW2.png Drag RaceGW2.png Water CycloneGW2.png Shrimp JumpGW2.png Biotic PullGW2.png Zomni-BladeGW2.png Crusty GigabombGW2.png Peg Leg KataGW2.png
Super BrainzGW2.png Super Ultra BallGW2.png Turbo TwisterGW2.png Heroic KickGW2.png Super Multi BallGW2.png Super Guided Ultra BallGW2.png
Captain DeadbeardGW2.png Barrel BlastGW2.png Parrot PalGW2.png Cannon RodeoGW2.png Looty Booty Barrel BlastGW2.png Future Parrot PalGW2.png
Hover Goat-3000GW2.png Damage Buff Booster BeamGW2.png Mega Awesome LaserGW2.png Tubular TurboGW2.png
Mecha CatGW2.png Kitty PounceGW2.png Furball FrenzyGW2.png Kitty FuryGW2.png Tail PowershotGW2.png
Stinky GoatGW2.png Goat ScratchGW2.png Goat JumpGW2.png Goat BleatGW2.png
Spawnable Zombies Build-a-Bot Mr. ToastyGW2.png Mr. FreezyGW2.png Mr. ToxicGW2.png Gatling BotGW2.png Breaker BotGW2.png Rocket BotGW2.png Boxer BotGW2.png Mr. ElectroGW2.png Explody BotGW2.png Loudmouth BotGW2.png Hide-n-Shoot BotGW2.png Uplink BotGW2.png Dr. HealsGW2.png Mrs. FrankenstormGW2.png Haunted Uplink BotGW2.png Gifted Boxer BotGW2.png Bell Breaker BotGW2.png Loudhare BotGW2.png Mr. Freezy EggGW2.png DJ UplinkGW2.png Golden Gatling BotGW2.png
Gravedirt of Summoning Browncoat ZombieGW2.png Conehead ZombieGW2.png Buckethead ZombieGW2.png Newspaper ZombieGW2.png Screen Door ZombieGW2.png Coffin ZombieGW2.png Outhouse ZombieGW2.png Heal ZombieGW2.png Flag ZombieGW2.png Exploding ImpGW2.png Karate ZombieGW2.png JackocoatGW2.png ZomtreeGW2.png BunnycoatGW2.png
Bosses Baron von Bats Zombie Boss Icon.png Disco Zombie GW2 Boss Icon.png Gargantuar GW2 Boss Icon.png Giga Gargantuar GW2 Boss Icon.png House Gargantuar GW2 Boss Icon.png Mech Gargantuar GW2 Boss Icon.png Yeti Zombie GW2 Boss Icon.png Zen Sensei GW2 Boss Icon.png Treasure YetiGW2.png ZombombGW2.png Captain Smasher GW2 Boss Icon.png Sasquatch GW2 Boss Icon.png Yeti King GW2 Boss Icon.png GargoatuarGW2.png
Others Dr. PatientGW2.png Dr. FizzicianGW2.png Z-Mech 11011-3GW2.png Ol' DeadbeardGW2.png Super Duper BrainzGW2.png Zomburger ArtistGW2.png Gene ErrorGW2.png Dr. Daul FinGW2.png Defender BotGW2.png BlitzerGW2.png Yeti ImpGW2.png Sasquatch ImpGW2.png Future ImpGW2.png Robo-ZombieGW2.png

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