All the plants in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2.

Quick-search table
Playable Classes PeashooterGW2.png Fire PeaGW2.png Ice PeaGW2.png Toxic PeaGW2.png Commando PeaGW2.png Agent PeaGW2.png Law PeaGW2.png Plasma PeaGW2.png Electro PeaGW2.png Rock PeaGW2.png
SunflowerGW2.png Mystic FlowerGW2.png Power FlowerGW2.png Fire FlowerGW2.png Shadow FlowerGW2.png Metal PetalGW2.png Sun PharaohGW2.png Alien FlowerGW2.png Vampire FlowerGW2.png Stuffy FlowerGW2.png
ChomperGW2.png Hot Rod ChomperGW2.png Toxic ChomperGW2.png Fire ChomperGW2.png Power ChomperGW2.png Count ChompulaGW2.png Armor ChomperGW2.png Chomp ThingGW2.png Yeti ChomperGW2.png Disco ChomperGW2.png Unicorn ChomperGW2.png Twilight ChomperGW2.png
CactusGW2.png Camo CactusGW2.png Fire CactusGW2.png Ice CactusGW2.png Power CactusGW2.png Future CactusGW2.png Bandit CactusGW2.png Jade CactusGW2.png Zen CactusGW2.png Petrified CactusGW2.png
CitronGW2.png Frozen CitronGW2.png Electro CitronGW2.png Iron CitronGW2.png Party CitronGW2.png Toxic CitronGW2.png
RoseGW2.png Druid RoseGW2.png Fire RoseGW2.png Frost RoseGW2.png Party RoseGW2.png Nec'RoseGW2.png
Kernel CornGW2.png BBQ CornGW2.png Mob CobGW2.png Pops CornGW2.png Party CornGW2.png Commando CornGW2.png
Other TorchwoodGW2.png JunkasaurusGW2.png
Abilities PeashooterGW2.png Chili Bean BombGW2.png Pea GatlingGW2.png HyperGW2.png Sombrero Bean BombGW2.png Retro GatlingGW2.png Super Pea JumpGW2.png Dark Bean BombGW2.png
SunflowerGW2.png Heal BeamGW2.png SunbeamGW2.png Heal Flower AbilityGW2.png Rainbow Heal BeamGW2.png Solar Flare BeamGW2.png Dark FlowerGW2.png Rainbow FlowerGW2.png
ChomperGW2.png GoopGW2.png BurrowGW2.png SpikeweedGW2.png Super Sticky GoopGW2.png Sprint BurrowGW2.png Spiky SpikeweedGW2.png Chomp CannonGW2.png VampweedGW2.png Rainbow WarpGW2.png Twilight WarpGW2.png
CactusGW2.png Potato MineGW2.png Garlic DroneGW2.png Tallnut BattlementGW2.png Potato Nugget MineGW2.png Artichoke DroneGW2.png Iron MaidenGW2.png Pizzazzling Potato MineGW2.png Red ArtichokeGW2.png Bling MaidenGW2.png Dark Garlic DroneGW2.png
CitronGW2.png Assault
EMPeachGW2.png Citron BallGW2.png Peel ShieldGW2.png Mood ShieldGW2.png
Hyper BallGW2.png Assault ModeGW2.png Spin DashGW2.png
RoseGW2.png Time SnareGW2.png Arcane EnigmaGW2.png GoatifyGW2.png Arcane LotusGW2.png Psychedelic GoatGW2.png
Kernel CornGW2.png Butter BarrageGW2.png Husk HopGW2.png Shuck ShotGW2.png Bigger Better ButterGW2.png Multi-ShuckGW2.png
TorchwoodGW2.png Blazin' BlastGW2.png Smoldering MadnessGW2.png Leaf ShieldGW2.png
JunkasaurusGW2.png Charge of InsanityGW2.png Epic Mega BlastGW2.png Spin OverrideGW2.png Super Heavy HornblastGW2.png
Spawnable Plants Grow-a-Pot Bonk ChoyGW2.png Pea CannonGW2.png Gatling PeaGW2.png Lightning ReedGW2.png Scaredy-shroomGW2.png Fume-shroomGW2.png Goop-shroomGW2.png Doom-shroomGW2.png Ice-shroomGW2.png Toxic Gloom-shroomGW2.png Bamboo ShootGW2.png Snap DragonGW2.png Heal FlowerGW2.png Boo ChoyGW2.png Peawitched CannonGW2.png Elf PeaGW2.png Candy Cane ShootGW2.png Basket ChoyGW2.png Bunnyboo ShootGW2.png Monk ChoyGW2.png Perfume ShroomGW2.png
Weeds WeedGW2.png Pumpkin WeedGW2.png Terracotta WeedGW2.png Leaf Shield WeedGW2.png Wood Shield WeedGW2.png Vase WeedGW2.png Porcelain Vase WeedGW2.png Heal WeedGW2.png Flag WeedGW2.png Dandelion WeedGW2.png Hypno-shroomGW2.png HalloweedGW2.png Feastivus WeedGW2.png SpringenweedGW2.png
Bosses Giga Torchwood Boss Icon.png Super Bean GW2.png Sunflower QueenGW2.png Big Stump Boss Icon.png 72px Squash GW2.png Royal Hypno-Flower Boss Icon.png Spooky SquashHD.png

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